Sexualized women and 'idiot' men: How to fight stereotyping

In the 1950s, North America’s key gender message was encapsulated in the TV sitcom, I Love Lucy. Lucille Ball was portrayed as a ditzy, lovable housewife, married to an amusingly macho husband, Desi Arnaz. 1,326 more words


Canadian churches still overcoming guilt about residential schools

Downtown Vancouver’s churches are coming together for a rare joint service and other special observances on Sunday to show their commitment to reconciling with Canada’s Aboriginal Peoples. 557 more words

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Flying by the seat of one’s pants!!

I learn of the final exam the day before it (my tutor forgot to tell me!?)

Enjoy the perks of lost-in-translation: “see you at 10:30, warmed up” is not “see you at 10:30, to warm up”.   223 more words


Atheist Rev. Gretta Vosper to be "reviewed"

A committee of the United Church of Canada has unanimously voted for a “review of the effectiveness of Rev. Gretta Vosper,” the Toronto clergyperson and author who proudly promotes herself as an atheist and publicly denounces all forms of religion. 782 more words

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Untying the aboriginal-immigrant knot

In the minds of many Canadians, the treatment of aboriginals and immigrants is inextricably tied together, and it’s creating moral confusion.

I have witnessed on dozens of occasions a discussion about Canada’s immigration policies going sideways when someone suddenly flags the plight of the country’s aboriginals. 1,322 more words


Outlander 1×14: The Search [HD – MP4 – 446.7 MB]


Title: The Search
Director: Metin Hüseyin
Writer: Ronald D. Moore
Schedule: May 9, 2015


Claire and Jenny set out to rescue Jamie from his redcoat captors; unorthodox tactics are used.


Why is it okay to stereotype the French?

It happens all the time: People act as if it’s just fine to stereotype French people. I most recently noticed it when Canadian Sportsnet commentator… 474 more words

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