Lessons from Argentina - on popes, bookstores and the 'disappeared'

I’ve been in Buenos Aires, Argentina, for a week, learning about the city that shaped Pope Francis, the world’s second largest bookstore, Eva Peron and the Dirty War in which 5,000 ‘disappeared.’ 582 more words


Luke's Gospel Has Arrived

This weekend we kick off our new series in Luke’s Gospel.

If you’d like to know what sections of Luke appear each week, here’s the outline for the weeks ahead as we focus on Luke 15-19… 148 more words

Preaching Series

The search.

Time rushes onward, as do I;

trying to think, imbibe the world,

happiness eludes, as tragedies pile up.

Charles Elffers

Oh My Goodness - What a Day!

I checked my email this morning and I saw that I had a message sent to me through findagrave.com.  I didn’t think anything of it since I get emails like this all the time. 452 more words


Transgender people are far "more spiritual," claims Vancouver study

Transgender people are far more spiritually attuned, grateful and selfless than the general population, maintains a Vancouver-based researcher.

Lisa Salazar, a transgender masters student at… 761 more words

The Search

The gospel according to Christy Clark

B.C. Premier Christy Clark has provoked head-scratching, humour and even ethical anger among the province’s Christians and others for an Easter tweet that equated Jesus’ death on the cross with worldly success. 1,519 more words


Pakistani-Canadian woman urges media to oppose niqabs

At least one Pakistani-Canadian woman utterly rejects the niqab.

Eiynah, a blogger, is appalled by the views of Liberal Senator Mobina Jaffer, who used the word “hero” … 1,093 more words

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