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Valentine's Reading?

Here’s some Valentine’s Day reading from our latest volume: Crushes, Love, and Strangeness


Timo and The Sabotage of the Sewer System by Kristina Beard… 26 more words

The Reveiw

Interview with Author Kristina Beard

Kristina Beard currently lives in England with her selectively sweet dog and aging grey tomcat who is slowly going silver. “Timo and the Sabotage of the Sewer System,” is her second published short story and is linked… 434 more words

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We forgot to mention

Four Ties Lit Review made the magazine stand at Newpages.com back on August 25th http://www.newpages.com/magazinestand/newmags/

The Reveiw

Interview with Poet Robert Okaji

The following interview with Poet Robert Okaji occurred August / September of 2014 via email.

Robert’s poem Rain Forest Bridge is here.


Robert Okaji is a self-described military brat who has lived in Texas for the last thirty-two years of his life. 1,365 more words

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Four Ties Lit Review is on the Magazine Stand

We’re on the Magazine Stand at NewPages.com http://www.newpages.com/magazinestand/newmags/. If you’re stopping by for the first time. The online version of the magazine is here and the pdf version is… 10 more words

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Author and Artists Pages and Projects

We’ve collected and organized the information and links about our contributors pages and posted them as a permanent part of the online issue – Author and Artists Pages and Projects

The Reveiw

Author's Blog - O at the Edges - Robert Okaji

On his blog O at the Edges, poet Robert Okaji considers the intersections of language and numbers, connections between disparate entities – the currents stirring within the Phoenician iteration of our letter M and the Japanese character for water,mizu, or the intertwined strands of solar wind and shadows, black-chinned hummingbirds and coastal death rituals – all, of course, while contemplating good food and that most magnificent of elixirs, beer, which may have been the very foundation of civilization. 31 more words

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