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Baring beauty in Brazil

Conversely, in a country known for carnival, turbo charged football fans and high murder rates, I slowed down and relaxed when I got to Brazil. 682 more words

The Rest Of The World

A Book that Does Apply to Me (and Other Thoughts)

Since moving back to Ireland this year, I’ve read nearly 25 different books, and I am absolutely loving it. New series, recommendations from friends, family, and the internet, and re-reading of some old favorites. 753 more words

Life Goes On

NYTimes: Enjoying the Low Life?

We’ve got our priorities wrong. GDP, the DOW, and military strength are the wrong things to look at when we measure our success as a country. 37 more words

Nobody Is Flying The Plane



View form the train

View from the Castle

Across the river

The Rest Of The World

Wine, waterfalls and women of power in Argentina

All Argentina meant to me was a kind of pilgrimage to the land of Eva Perón – an icon and the most famous person in this country’s history. 846 more words

The Rest Of The World

Antarctica - the definition of awesome

The silence was palpable. Three humpback whales were swimming 100 metres ahead of us and they’d been under water for four minutes. Behind me I heard the sound of a blowhole – the head of one of the gigantic beasts as it climbed out the water was close enough to touch. 533 more words