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I'm feeling very "Mormon" today....

One of my favorite lines from the movie, “Cool Runnings” is when Sanka says, “I am feeling very Olympic today!”

Today, I’m not feeling so much like an Olympian… not by a long shot! 453 more words


The Real World

Real World

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A Course in Miracles (Original Edition)

Chapter 12

58 Sit quietly and look upon the world you see, and tell yourself, 5 The real world is not like this. 183 more words

Oh. Hey there. It's Me. Yes, I'm still alive.

I’m typing this post with one hand because the other one is much too busy holding a celebratory glass of wine. By wine I mean Moscato because I am indeed a basic bitch and,¬†although I may have just finished my senior year of college, I still have the same tastes I did when I was¬†a freshman, apparently. 383 more words


An Object of My Phantasy

With a familiar ache in my heart and my wailing soul, thoughts after thoughts crossed my mind. They leaved me vanquished, coercing me down on my knees, they threatened to shatter me. 235 more words