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In Search of an Authentic Indian: Notes on the Self

1. I started writing this in the aftermath of the Dolezal affair and have continued to write as the Andrea Smith story has taken off. But it’s not about them. 2,555 more words


jacks and jills push their way to the top

In the few seconds between the plane landing and my eyes opening, my neighbor looms over me, getting into a question mark pose, to get at his laptop bag from the overhead bin, above me. 419 more words


10 Totally Wrong Thoughts I Had When I Graduated From College

A new round of classes just graduated college and, the story goes, catapulted off into the “real world.” But often our idea of the real world isn’t, well, real, and our misconceptions about it can only be corrected over time through experience. 769 more words

On art, anniversaries, and playing with poo

Friday was my 6th just-finished-my-aprenticeship leavers-party anniversary.

I didn’t exactly celebrate, but I did get DB to take me to a friend’s ‘horse farm’ and load a trailer with 3-yr-old horsepoo. 609 more words

Doodle Musings

For the LOVE OF SPOCK! Please Contribute-2 Days to Go!!

Adam Nimoy’s Kickstarter fund to make the documentary about his Dad Leonard Nimoy and Mister Spock is coming down the wire!

At this writing, the fund is at $537,454.  102 more words

Leonard Nimoy

Jurassic World and a sigh!...

So I suddenly decided to watch Jurassic World today. I had time and I had completed all my work for the day, perhaps for the week and maybe for the month. 643 more words


One summer

One summer we’ll do it

One summer we’ll take off

One summer it’ll all be ours

One summer we’ll dive to the depths of the great blue ocean… 144 more words