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WIPpet Wednesday - Addled Mind OR Eyeful Part 2

Good day! How are you? Whatcha been up to, lately? Anything nifty?  A lot of us northern hemisphere mom-types are wrapping up the school year and getting ready for summertime with the kiddos. 680 more words


WIPpet Wednesday - Eyeful

I think my witty introduction bone is broken. Oh, well. HI THERE!

Many thanks to K.L. Schwengel for hosting this lovely blog hop. Rules are below for anyone who wishes to join. 587 more words


WIPpet Wednesday - Nickname

Hello, My Lovelies. How are you this week? Anyone starting a garden? We got some seeds started indoors a couple weeks ago and they seem to be doing nicely, but I’ll take any tips. 622 more words


WIPpet Wednesday - Tail Feathers

Ay’teantam ru! (Welcome!)

Moving right along. This is the last long one for a bit, pretty sure. Hugs and puppies to K.L. Schwengel for hosting. Rules are below. 653 more words


WIPpet Wednesday - Stubborn Man

Bienvenido! (Welcome!)

I have another longish WIPpet for you this week, so I’ll just assume most of you know the WIPpet Wednesday deal. If you don’t, the rules are below. 757 more words


WIPpet Wednesday - Sparring

Hey there! I’m gonna be quick about the intro. today because my WIPpet this week is 500 words. SO!

Thank you K.L. Schwengel for hosting. 718 more words


WIPpet Wednesday - An Unfamiliar View

So, um, because of something, I took down a lot of my Faerie Blood posts. I’m waiting for approval to tell you why. In the meantime, Queen of Bears it is! 451 more words