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A video & A logo - I need feedback!

I was alone, house sitting a friends riverside paradise (Tierra Langla) when a Russian guy walked down the drive, randomly visiting to hang out for a few days (it’s that kind of place).  394 more words

The Project

Feast or Famine

It’s been interesting to watch the ebbs and flows of my show-collecting pace over the years of The Project. When I first started, I was able to add new shows pretty quickly, because almost every available production would be for a show I hadn’t collected yet. 339 more words

The Project

Meeting With Nick 21.04.2015

Today we spoke about –

1. I am finished interviewing the participants from Dundee from the Second Debate.

2. I am finished transcribing the interviews from the first debate. 28 more words

The Project

The project

What is this website?

“rAZing hope” is an enterprise website that brings together many different perspectives on the homelessness issue in Arizona. As the authors, we do not take a side and we do not offer a solution; this website is a compilation of information from reliable sources that we have packaged together to give Arizona residents and the nation a comprehensive look into what the future is for Arizona’s homeless population. 99 more words

The Project

All work and no play

The month of April is a busy one. I am in Lima, working as much (or more) than could be expected of anyone who is gainfully employed full-time. 920 more words

The Journey

Digital Experiment

During a different session, there was the ability to experiment with new lighting set ups while looking closely at how the camera has been used within the space, close and distant for example. 316 more words


Best thing on Channel 10!

So Waleed Aly of Channel 10’s The Project has just delivered a sucker punch to our politicians and it’s awesome. When our leaders seem to be both in denial about climate change and in bed with big coal (lets hope not literally) there is a major problem. 173 more words