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WAR Declared! Beck, Rove, Norquist, GOP

Breitbart, March 24, 2015:

(THE UNITED WEST) An all out knock down drag out media war has broken out between Glenn Beck vs. Grover Norquist and Karl Rove and the GOP. 1,068 more words

Counter Jihad Report

Article & Video: Cate Cuts Awkward 'Cinderella' Interview Short

Cate Blanchett was happy to sit down and talk to television host Jonathan Hyla about her new film, “Cinderella,” on Wednesday. The problem? Her interviewer didn’t seem to want to talk about anything relevant to the movie. 229 more words


The Common Horizon Project

The Common Horizon is a project developed by the students of the International University College of Turin (IUC).

It is an open space for debates and the publications of texts written by members of the IUC community. 129 more words

The Project

Project Development

I have been contacted by two lovely researchers Edzia and Kristi for a collaboration. They will also be doing observations during the political debates and are in search of knowledge as to how people decide to vote. 318 more words

The Project

Why, how

I never get enough of learning about dolphins and whales. They are in the news, in books, in songs, in poems, in meditations, in myths and legends, and in dreams. 290 more words

The Project

Viaje Previo: Interviews & New Connections

Over the first 10 days of March, Camote, Samuel, Liz and I hiked into the dam affected villages of Mendan and Tupen in order to capture footage and stories  which we will use in our upcoming media campaigns throughout Peru, April -July. 1,506 more words

The Journey

When the Infatuation Wears Off & The Boredom Begins

I have a terrible habit of jumping into things too quickly and getting over the same thing too quickly as well. I can only recall two men in my life who have kept my attention for longer than a month. 356 more words