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Date 3: The Kind of Date We All Deserve

Last night I went out on a really good date with a really nice guy.

B and I met on Tinder (naturally.) He is a graduate student and works in the film industry, which is something that I naturally do not have an affinity for. 554 more words


Confronting my first Many-To-Many in JPA

At my husband’s behest, instead of recreating the project just to see if I could, I’m adding more classes: two more DOMs and two more Repositories. 994 more words

The Project

How this work came into place

I never get enough of learning about dolphins and whales. They are in the news, in books, in songs, in poems, in meditations, in myths and legends, and in dreams. 322 more words

The Project

Block Lifted

At a stressful time
I feel my mind awaken
As my muse returns.

The Project

Morning Transformation.

From sleeping angel
To growling baby dino
With only a stretch.

The Project

Winter Sun.

Long forgotten rays
Offer hope of melting snow
And winter doldrums.

The Project

Meeting with Nick 03.03.2015

The main points of discussion were concerning the debate materials, ethics,  and testing of the new Muvi Camera.

Here are the materials I have so far. 292 more words

The Project