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The Best and Worst of Sports

Even though three of the four of us are pretty big sports fans, we don’t write about them that often on the Blog.  Maybe it’s because there’s not really a whole lot to write about.  1,728 more words

The Professor

Gilligan's Island: A Sitcom or a Personification of Insanity

Sit back as you listen to a tale of faithful trip that started aboard a tiny ship, and what started as a three hour tour would become a tragic accident that would trap seven people on a deserted island in the south Pacific.  611 more words


The Professor: Britpop 101

By Antony. Recently, a few things have reminded me of Britpop: Radiohead’s The Bends turned 20 a few weeks ago, Blur’s been killing it with a new album on the horizon… 1,034 more words

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The Professor: First Encounter

It was just another school day for Jany, a seemingly normal high school senior, sitting in class daydreaming. But unlike her classmates, her daydreams did not include food or traveling, her dreams had handcuffs and no clothes. 1,715 more words


The Professor and the Mystery of his Friend CP // The Enigma Man

This is a different kind of essay for The Professor; not only is it longer but it also delves into the personal history of one of his best friends. 7,219 more words

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Boarding to Pittsburgh

As I was reminiscing today, during my break at work, I passed by the Amtrak Station. I walking over to one of the maps where they show all the stations and stops. 845 more words