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The Professor and the Mystery of his Friend CP // The Enigma Man

This is a different kind of essay for The Professor; not only is it longer but it also delves into the personal history of one of his best friends. 7,215 more words

The Professor

Boarding to Pittsburgh

As I was reminiscing today, during my break at work, I passed by the Amtrak Station. I walking over to one of the maps where they show all the stations and stops. 845 more words


Chapter 10: The Professor

Laura went back to her room to grab her cardigan and wore her sandals as she went out of the Villa’s gate. She told me to just stay there and wait for her to comeback. 2,316 more words

Andy Lee

The Sun, The Stars, and the Screens

I often wonder how I might begin to address certain aspects of modern life.  To do so judgmentally is—well—easy.  To do so praisefully is—well—indecent.  And to do so forgivingly is—frankly—a concept that I am not comfortable with. 1,162 more words

The Professor

Blog Tour: Professor Cline: Revealed



Getting pleasure from pain makes me a sadist. I’ve been that way for as long as I can remember. Plagued by painful memories and a dark past, I use women to help me forget. 528 more words

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V. Shnodgrate’s Class

When you are going north and everyone else is going south, you must draw three conclusions: One, you’re going the wrong way. Two, they’re going the wrong way. 324 more words

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