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The Ontario Craft Brewers would like their own stores, please

“Though this be madness,
yet there is method in’t”

Last night I attended the 10th annual Ontario Craft Brewers (OCB) tasting event at the Ontario legislature. 1,969 more words

The Politics Of Drinking

Budweiser is now officially marketing to people who already drink Budweiser

Yesterday, Budweiser released the commercial below. In it, the marketing giant who also happens to sell beer successfully continues their new advertising strategy, which is seemingly an effort to troll hipsters; a strategy that they unofficially launched with their… 1,041 more words

The Politics Of Drinking

What supermarket sales might mean for local brewers

Earlier today, The Toronto Star published an article in which Martin Regg Cohn claimed an unnamed source informed him that large grocery stores will begin selling wine and beer in a plan that might be part of the upcoming spring budget. 266 more words

The Politics Of Drinking

I believe The Beer Store doesn't make a profit

The Beer Store often claims they don’t make a profit. Given that they enjoy a monopoly in this province when it comes to retail beer sales, lately a lot of people seem to either be scoffing at the notion that the company doesn’t make a profit or going out of their way to prove that’s not true. 629 more words


Where is your beer brewed?

In the craft beer world, opinions about the merits of contract brewing are pretty varied.

Without wading into the debate (again), I do want to discuss one thing that I think virtually everyone takes a disliking too, and that’s when a contract brewer or brewing company attempts to be dishonest about where it is that their beer is  actually made. 436 more words

The Politics Of Drinking

We're probably not going to "upvote" the Beer Store away

As part of a consultative approach they’re taking to shaping the provincial budget, the Ontario government has introduced Budget Talks 2015, an open forum wherein Ontarians can have their say and presumably, let the government know where our priorities lie in terms of provincial financing in the next year. 516 more words

The Politics Of Drinking

If I owned The Beer Store

As an increasingly large chunk of the population of Ontario knows, The Beer Store is owned by three multinational brewing companies, AB-InBev, Molson-Coors, and Sapporo. 1,275 more words

The Politics Of Drinking