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My Mom took me to get my IUD

When I was in grade twelve, I was woken up from a nap in my bedroom by my parents.

I opened my eyes to see my mom and dad standing over me with furious expressions on their faces. 896 more words

Going Hormone Free

Ok, I’ll say it right upfront…this is probably not a post for the guys, but hopefully you figured that out from the title.

I don’t usually like to speak too much about feminine issues because quite frankly, I’m a bit prudish when it comes to that sort of thing. 861 more words


My Dermatology appointment

I just got back.

Let me begin….. I am SO upset. When you go in, you expect to be judged by this specialist but it’s still so confidence crushing….. 398 more words

Why the hell would a self-respecting woman take The Pill?


He doesn’t pose this question because the backlash from feminists would be obscene, but he should.

It’s a fucking good question.

It doesn’t solve the STD problem, implying the woman in question doesn’t care about it. 321 more words


The Pill: The Eucharist for Liberal feminism

Please see the article below on the truth about the physical and spiritual dangers of the birth control pill.  Bravo to the author!  If only Catholics treated the Eucharist as well as the left treats the pill, the pill would be outlawed real fast! 2,044 more words



There was a time when you and I had not seen ourselves in mirrors

Before we knew what we looked like

Before we knew how to feel at all… 73 more words



Hi everyone (all 4 or 5 of you),

Last Thursday I got my IUD – which is why there have been no blog posts for a few days. 296 more words