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Dumb and ...uhh...What's That Other Word?

I like to think I’m a relatively smart person. Of course I like to think a lot of things about myself which aren’t true, but that’s a topic for another post. 784 more words

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TBT: Zombies Are Here? Never Fear!

I wrote this a year ago when I had half as many readers. If you didn’t read it before, read it now. It’s really funny. 549 more words

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Wordless Wednesday? What Is Your Purpose?

Ironically my Wordless Wednesday is a picture of words.

I drive by this regularly. I find it very annoying because it seems like an accusation that I’m not doing what I should be. 22 more words

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Top Ten Tuesday! Ten Stereotypes about New York & New Yorkers

10. New York City is all there is to New York: Although residents of New York City would have you believe this statement is true, it’s not. 539 more words

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Music Monday! Nothing Personal: The Place That I Call Home

They didn’t win a Billboard Music Award last night, but this might be the beginning. My son’s band released their second single on iTunes. It’s a truly do it yourself kind of project. 147 more words

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What Your Dance Moves Say About You

Ah we can dance if we want to, we can leave your friends behind

Cause your friends don’t dance, and if they don’t dance,

Well they’re no friends of mine  724 more words

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Throwback Thursday! Ten Things I Learned in London and Paris

(05/13/14) 10. It’s just a ten minute walk: If you ask anyone in London directions to anywhere they’ll tell you it’s just a ten minute walk. 755 more words

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