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The Problem People: Are You One?

I am not a Problem Person, but you might be and not even know it. See the guy in the picture?

He’s a Problem Person… 773 more words

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Throwback Thursday! The First Rule of Phil Club Is...

I went back to June of 2013 to pull this from the archive. You can only join Phil Club if your name is Phil Taylor. (I’ve added some pictures and links to spruce it up) 675 more words

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Wordless Wednesday! Can You Guess What This Is?

If you can guess what this is, you’ll win 500 Phil Factor dollars that can be used on any purchase in #ThePhilFactor gift shop.

I apologize that I haven’t been able to visit blogs much this week. 9 more words

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Music Monday! The Mockers

As a continuation of my Friday interview with actor/producer/musician Robbie Rist, here’s an absolutely hilarious song by the band, The Mockers, that Robbie is in with his friends Seth Gordon and Tony Leventhal. 13 more words

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6 Questions with Brady Bunch/TMNT/Sharknado star Robbie Rist!

For my readers who don’t know Robbie’s name off the top of your head, you no doubt have seen or heard him in something. Over the last forty years Robbie has been quietly woven into the fabric of American pop culture like few others. 1,203 more words

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TBT! Two Phils are Better than One! Or Are They?

(06/28/2014) Doppelganger: German for “double walker”, a shadow self that is thought to accompany every person. Some believe that only someone who knows the original person can also see the Doppelganger. 418 more words

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