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It’s not really dancing.

It’s the joy  we share.

It is deep within us, it is always there.

Some call it Love. It is April. It’s Home. 89 more words


Demons, Desires, Chief Demons

The moon is still mostly full, and it feels like late spring or October this morning. It occurred to me that my sense of the Otherworlds grew closer after several days of calling them into me, my life, and this world. 692 more words



There is something redeeming about the darkness

Most people fear it though

Is it because they are afraid of what they can’t see?

Or because they are afraid of what they might see? 12 more words


Stray by Elissa Sussman

5 out of 5 stars.

I enjoyed this one a fairly silly amount.

Princess Aislynn has always tried to follow the Path, a system set out to keep Princesses pure and their magic contained, but her powers keep breaking out at just the wrong moment. 271 more words

Young Adult

The Meaning of Life (or The Importance of Reconnecting with Nature)

A long time ago, I was going through some “stuff.”  Very emotionally heavy stuff.  I did what I do best and took a long drive.  A… 865 more words



I was blown out of my body
and suspended somewhere in between
body and mind,
where soul resides.
I understood it all and
understood nothing, 157 more words

War-Cries and Mantras (or How to Boost Your Own Morale on Your Epic Quest)

Sometimes when we’re on the path of righteousness, we find ourselves surrounded by darkness.  We think to ourselves, “Maybe I took a wrong turn.  You’d think the path of righteousness would look nicer.”  But the path is filled with twists and turns and dark forests and swamps and evil skeletons rising from the dead and zombies and Sith Lords and all kinds of nonsense.   715 more words