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Stuck on Repeat

I’ve found in my life I tend to make the same mistakes over and over again and change happens very slowly.  I decide to do something and then end up not doing it.  155 more words

The Path

Shakespeare on Charting Our Own Path

It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.

—William Shakespeare

Following Your Passion

Website Changes (2)

We have moved our webhosting to Xytra.Ca and our installation of the WordPress multi-site environment is complete. These changes took place because you needed them to, and we thank you! 68 more words

The Path

Risk it

When we talk about our lives, it’s not the stories about the safe paths we have taken which become our favourite stories to tell. Risky choices make the best tales, no matter the difficulties, no matter the outcomes. 40 more words


Post Chemo Issues Still Arise, Even After 6 Months Post-Treatment

There is a little known secret that is well… not well-known.  After treatment is done, side effects can suddenly show up and/or worsen.  How is this fair?  908 more words

The Path

My Ten Cents

Why is it a lucky dime?

Palindrome week, Tuesday (51215).

I’m sitting in Starbucks—not my usual Starbucks, but one three minutes farther away from Twelve’s dance studio that stays open later—trying to settle in after a day of making arrangements. 1,245 more words

The Journey


Sometimes I just need to breathe.
Sometimes you can’t see 5 inches past your own needs and I’m left to manage everything. Sometimes you do absolutely nothing and rush me through everything. 170 more words

The Path