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A look back

I look back and see my world from a year ago.  I look and see how different it is from what it was.  I look back and see how much happier I am now then I was.  1,358 more words

The Path

Eroded by life

This outer world, our day-to-day lives, can be very distracting. They buffet our minds, emotions, and senses. We let things that happen to us form experiential sores; existential callouses. 73 more words

Stars in my Galaxy

There are so many people who cross your path, this way and that. You never remember the last time you see them because you never know it’s going to be the last. 295 more words

The Path


Stilted words and
shallow breath.
Reminder to voice inside:
it has long practiced finding
a place to hide.
Rib constricting,
connecting to other parts
misaligned, 151 more words

How To Meditate

1. Sit down (ideally in a quiet place in a position you feel comfortable)

2. Put your attention on what is happening right now

What is happening now may be your breath, a feeling in your body, or a sound.  277 more words



poetry is the science of prophecy
a poet sees the world
the same world you do
the poet sees the pattern
repeating… repeating…
time after time… 76 more words

The Path

The Beggar and the Businessman

He appears from the darkness in silence; He may have been there for hours.
Like the minute hand on my Omega, I failed to notice him at first. 344 more words