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Enjoy Delicious Cocktails This Summer Along Durban’s Golden Mile…

What do we love about Durban? Well, the awesome weather, amazing food and sandy beaches are the reason that Durbanites spend most of their summer vacations tanning or at a restaurant sipping on juicy cocktails while enjoying the view of the ocean. 233 more words

First Resorts

Last One Standing

After a long day of work, we need to have some fun. Work hard and party harder, they say.

Last Friday, with an instantaneous plan, I was dragged to the… 108 more words


The Palace: Chapter 15

Charles rose to his feet Bible in hand he sat at his desk once again. A tugging in his heart growing stronger now compelled him to open his Bible to the words of Paul once again, but this time in 1 Corinthians chapter 2. 1,038 more words

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The Palace Chapter 14

Once home again Charles left Alley and Cristal and entered his small study, going over to his desk at the window he sat at his chair, picked up his bible and began to clutch it to his heart. 906 more words

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The Palace Chapter 13

Charles was livid as they journeyed on but he didn’t realize what was happening but that the zeal of the Lord was pounding through his veins, and the thought of the pretentiousness, and pride of many who tend to preach the kingdom of God had spurned him into action. 662 more words

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The Palace chapter 11:1 & 2

Day four dawned it was the day Charles would meet Mark on the ship. He was stiff this morning as he rose to sit on the edge of the bed, Alley laid facing him as she watched him getting up smiling, she knew this was her dream, this was all she had ever really hoped for just to have he husband home with her, ‘to have and to hold until death us do part’ as the vows they had spoken. 1,151 more words

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