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Spring reigns.

We hit a major weather milestone here at the Fun Apartment recently. Blow ye trumpets! We are back on scooters! And the rest of the city is so happy to unzip their poofy jackets that they don’t care about three wheeled terrors on the sidewalk! 349 more words


So, how was your day?

I have always had this thing about family meals. I suppose I heard that thing about how families eating dinner together keeps the kids from becoming drug dealers or pornographers. 332 more words


The argument below is simply stupid. As is the fact that I lost three brilliant paragraphs of analysis – and I haven’t even smoked weed. So there you go. 756 more words


Wednesday is a goth girl

“Never give up. Never let things out of your control dictate who you are.”

The mornings are cool near the desert and life begins sluggishly because it stays up late. 571 more words



Hi, I’m back.

For a long time I’ve been feeling very low, useless and without hope. The long years of unemployment and other issues of worry have all added up to this point of me not being able to bear it alone any longer. 1,047 more words

Personal Stuff

Of course, I know this

Walking around the Quaker place you go to die in the snow and answering calls about meltdowns that occur in sunny places, and I wanted to start a chronicle of days, but the focus I had three minutes ago has been absolved by the lack of focus now, whether it’s mental or emotional or a mix-thereof, I can’t say, but I don’t feel like formulating the most articulate of thoughts at the moment, and I am not in the mood to take undue criticism, whether it’s due or not, and I keep thinking I should go for a swim.

The Middle

Thaddeus (or Theolonius, I am still not sure yet) goes off to a farm in upstate NY or Vermont (always chase the keys the girls are holding in their hands) 603 more words