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Learn to hear and the world hears you.

Thoughts from a weekend of teaching and listening to others and expressing myself. This image inspired my reflection this morning while waiting for email to download. 902 more words

What it's like to not have Facebook

There’s been a new series of adverts for Facebook about. I have to admit, they’re very sweet: kudos to Creatives there. However, even though the advert did give me SOME of the feels, there is an even more satisfying feeling: that of not being on Facebook at all. 785 more words

My Life

We need a new kind of feminism

Lately, I’ve been rolling my eyes every time I see an article about the newest feminist fad. Don’t get me wrong. I’m as much as a proponent of women powering forward as anybody. 393 more words


Various Artists - Running Man: The Home Edition (3" Biz CD-R, Serious Business)

The original Running Man film is an hour and forty minutes of Arnold Shwarzenegger badassery, but if it could be boiled down to five minutes, harsh noise is certainly the way to do it. 369 more words


Markort Torlor - The Outside World

Check out this short film by my nephew, Micah Taylor (who inexplicably is currently known to the internet world as Markort Torlor).  At the Winterfilm 2015 competition in Cincinnati, Micah and co-writer Trey Garlow won Best Screenplay and Micah’s brother, Luke, won for Best Music.



I have just finished working at an independent school, and for better or for worse, it was eye-opening. Before I describe why, lets look at some general information. 580 more words

My Life

Nature Calls

Not in THAT way, sickos.

Just kidding. I set myself up for that. But while nature does call in that totally-not-blog-appropriate-let’s-stop-ew sort of way, it also calls to those seeking inspiration, tranquility, and gorgeous scenery to just escape in. 284 more words