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The Monster In Me

Inspired by Auntyji’s new post, Easy Versions, Difficult Questions, and the following quote she’s mentioned, I began to ponder on very subject. Jotting them down here. 477 more words

Keeping It Raw

On Crisps

As you might have guessed, this is a post about crisps. As I talked about Italian food in my most recent post, I thought I’d counterbalance with a couple of words on one of the most British-est of the snack foods. 334 more words

The Other Side

FINISH OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’M DONE OMG YAY!!!!!!!!

I’ve finished the first part of The Other Side YAY!!!!
I’m working on the second part of it now! I’m going to be really busy so I’ll keep this short. 9 more words


Chapter 30: Trouble

Ten years after Queen Darkfire’s disappearance…

The girl burst out of the back door and into the castle grounds, where the flowers were a pretty crystal blue. 256 more words


Chapter 29: Triumph

“No!” Nixie screamed. She scrambled to her feet, limping because of her injured ankle. She grabbed her bow notched an arrow and aimed it at Queen Darkfire. 784 more words


Chapter 28: Sacrifice

Nixie took another step forward.

“I accept your challenge, Your Highness,” Nixie repeated loudly. Queen Darkfire raised an eyebrow, staring daggers at Nixie. Nixie stared determinedly back. 954 more words


Chapter 27: The Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

The three were pushed out of the cell, with the skeletons monitoring their every move. As the prisoners walked past the many cells imprisoning the howling creatures, they howled and screeched even louder. 979 more words