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Chapter 21: Losing me

That love and hate can co-exist in the same place seems such a strange thing. But truth, as they say, is stranger than fiction.

December 2012… 635 more words


Day +955: Comes and Goes

Today marks the first of the three year anniversaries. Three years ago today, I went for a lunchtime run with my friend, Amy. I could only go half a mile, before feeling like I was going to collapse. 120 more words


The other side of Somalia's pirates

(2015-02-27) Poisoned waters and illegal fishing drove Somalis into sea piracy to feed families, according to relatives.

Hawa Mohamed Saeed recites a prayer in a barely audible voice as she waits for the phone to ring with news of her imprisoned son. 1,312 more words

February 2015

Very British Idiomatic Expressions

Months ago now, I mentioned to my colleague, the usual one, how the Italian language seemed so much richer and more figurative. I confess that this consideration was the result of another, extremely frustrating attempt to translate an Italian idiom directly into English. 247 more words

The Other Side

Monthly Update: Month One

Weight, Length, Height: Okay so at 39 weeks pregnant I was 14 stone, and had 2 weeks of growth left. At birth, Robin weighed 9lb 1oz, dropped to 8lb 4oz before starting to gain again. 602 more words

The Other Side

The Other Side

I wonder what would happen if I were to wiggle past the slender bars of the Steel Gate and cross over to the other side. 702 more words


I'm Happy For You

There is probably an element of shame and guilt in this, but, hey, it’s my blog and my feelings. I’m writing this on New Year’s Eve and only realised earlier that I seem to finally be happy with other people’s pregnancies. 296 more words

The Other Side