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Roller coasters

I’ve never liked roller coasters. Right from an early age I remember being terrified that someone might make me get on one. I spent my childhood avoiding them like the plague. 300 more words

The Open University

Are you missing out on the new social learning? (And, it's free)

A new revolution in online learning has quietly been taking place in the UK in the last 18 months and this week the main provider, … 2,055 more words


The Open University - A History by Daniel Weinbren- Reviewed by Jacqueline Baxter

The Open University
A History
By Daniel Weinbren 2015
Manchester University Press

Review by Jacqueline Baxter
Lecturer in Social Policy – the Open University UK… 1,779 more words


nQuire-it/Sense-it - discovering sensors in your phone

The Open University, with support from Nominet Trust and UTC Sheffield have launched  the nQuire-it.org website, which seem to have a great potential for running citizen science activities. 201 more words


My Top 5 Tips For Writing A TMA

1 – FUEL – I know it’s bad but I fuel my TMA writing sessions with chocolate! I’m certain that it actually wakes my brain up and helps me to focus. 391 more words

The Open University

How online courses are changing forever the way we learn

Fig.1 A publicity still from my own short film ‘Listening In.’ Did you catch it on Channel 4? I know seven people who did

Marshall McLuhan had a lot to say about the medium being the message when TV came along in the 1960s. 676 more words