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Theses rush at The Open University

Hi palaeo-people!!

It is been a while since the Milton Keynes’s part of the group have manifested in the blog. The main reason is that we have been a bit busy basically…submitting theses!!!! 149 more words

The Open University

And The TMAs Are Gone - A200 The Final Straight 

That’s it! They’re gone, finished, done with forever – I (hopefully) will never write a TMA for module A200 again…

And breathe!

To be honest I’m still quite dazed right now and I’m under no illusions about the impending exam but boy am I relieved too. 223 more words

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How Do You Juggle Work, Study and Motherhood?

This week I’ve been giving a lot of thought to exactly how we’re meant to juggle being a mummy (or Daddy!) who is trying to study and often has to work. 186 more words

The Open University


I have signed up, registered and enrolled to do a degree in Psychology with The Open University. I am so looking forward to it, but also quite anxious about it. 202 more words

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The end of M364, and progress through T324 and T325

M364 result

I had my exam for M364 on 8th October 2014, at Hotel Rembrandt in Weymouth. I went in feeling pretty good, because I’d studied the material against a checklist my tutor provided, and I’d done a few old exam papers that made me feel very confident! 700 more words


I'm Embracing Learning, It's Exciting

My children are learning too

It’s been an exciting time lately. As a family we’ve been to some fantastic places and absorbed history for pure pleasure. 612 more words

The Open University

Coping with Nerves at The Open University

I was talking at the weekend about how much I’ve grown in confidence with my Open University studies. I’m confident to walk into my tutorials now but that wasn’t always the case. 115 more words

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