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In the end, there's only one thing that truly matters...

In the end, the question is not are you interested or involved; the real question is: Do you care?

Do you care enough to really change? 99 more words

The ONE THING For Today

Being nice is nice, but...

Being nice, polite, and kind-hearted is nice but ultimately you’ve got to produce.

There are a lot of nice people living under bridges.

You probably can name dozens of polite and kind-hearted people who have failed marriages, careers, and lives. 189 more words

The ONE THING For Today

A little chuckler.

Nothing profound today; but I like this little story…

While driving in Pennsylvania, a family caught up to an Amish carriage. The owner of the carriage obviously had a sense of humor, because attached to the back of the carriage was a hand printed sign… 40 more words

The ONE THING For Today

Compliance is not cooperation.

You must not confuse compliance with cooperation.

Cooperation is a “co-operation” — two or more people working together on their (plural) operation/project/task/mission).

People may comply with the policies and procedures. 198 more words

The ONE THING For Today

Don't settle for just being faithfully effective

A lot of people are like the little toy drummers that were popular when I was a boy.  They are standing there beating away faithfully and effectively but the kids have already moved on to something else.  129 more words

The ONE THING For Today

Things you have to do

There should never be a time that you do not have to do something.

Those have-to-do things should change over the years as you grow and mature and as your responsibilities change and… 128 more words

The ONE THING For Today

Are worthless deeds evil deeds?

Think of the countless hours we can spend doing worthless things.

It’s not that we are intentionally doing things that cause harm or are evil we’re just whiling away the time, twiddling our thumbs, channel surfing, checking our Facebook account, watching YouTube videos, chilling out…you know, just “kicking back and relaxing.” (Think of the terms we have to express this!) 252 more words

The ONE THING For Today