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Judges Chapter 9

After the death of Joshua, the prophet, the children of Israel lived in a period of judges. The judges were their leaders, chosen by the Lord. 2,735 more words

The Old Testament

Judges Chapter 8

Gideon was called by the Lord, to lead Israel to victory against the army of the Midianites. He had shown his faith and reliance on the Lord, which led to their being able to frighten and destroy the enemy soldiers. 1,695 more words

The Old Testament

"Out of love" is a Christian's way of disguising hatred.

Christians telling you they are against what you are doing because they “love you” is as insulting as saying “No offense but…” followed by something offensive. 330 more words


A brief walkthrough of the Mass: Lections, Responses, and Gospel

Following the Collect, the priest (who should already be at the epistle side of the altar) announces and begins to read the epistle. (Which should technically be called the “Lection” or “Lesson,” since, after all, it isn’t always one of the Epistles). 1,728 more words

Criticisms Of The TLM

Judges Chapter 7

The Israelites were up against an army of Midianites, because the Lord had allowed them to fall into oppression for their wickedness. Gideon, had been called by the Lord, to lead the Israelites to victory. 1,773 more words

The Old Testament

Christian makes "Kill the faggot" videogame

A man who raised funds in the name of Jesus Christ for a different project that was too lame to remember has had his latest project pulled from Steam, a video game store for PC users. 224 more words


Judges Chapter 6

The Israelites had peace in the land, so long as they were drawn to the Lord and kept his commandments. In the last chapter, they had been delivered from Canaanite bondage and had peace for forty years. 2,300 more words

The Old Testament