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The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

In the spirit of honesty, this movie was actually watched on June 27, 2015. We felt that, due to Canada Day, we couldn’t commit to watching a movie. 215 more words

Movie Review

30 Day Writing Challenge - Day 15

My days don’t consist of much these days so day 15 of this challenge should be easy… Lol

Day 15 – Bullet point your whole day… 103 more words


"Simply Meant To Be!"

Today I hit the shops & got some new sunglasses, Yay! Glad to finally have some after being without for a couple of weeks cause I lost my fave pair while the boyfriend & I were camping. 20 more words


Movies 4 Daze

So, I had a good chunk of this penned out yesterday afternoon, and then my computer went cray, and yeah, totally lost it. So now I have to re-write what I had. 679 more words


The Nightmare Before Christmas Mbti- Jack Skellington (Spoilers)

Verdict: ENFP


Dominant Function: Ne

Jack is excited by new possibilities. His whole speal was that he wanted something new and exciting in his life after getting so devastatingly bored with Halloween. 203 more words



One day, I will feel like the Pumpkin King.

For now, let’s be frustrated.

♥ Miss May