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Review – Batman Volume 6: Graveyard Shift

The sixth volume of DC Comics’ Batman run features a collection of standalone issues and two-part storylines concocted by a variety of writers and artists. While previous volumes of… 359 more words


Batman #40 Review


Batman #40

Review by Paul Bowler

This is it! Batman #40, the finale of Endgame, is here! Gotham City is in chaos, Jokerized mobs of the infected are everywhere, and the Clown Prince of Crimes ghoulish carnival now parades through the streets. 956 more words


Comicbook Review: Constantine Issue 1: Weighing the Heart

Constantine: Weighing the Heart


The Creators:

Published by DC Comics

Written by Ray Fawkes

Art by Juan Ferreyra

Colors by Tanya and Richard Horie

Lettering by Pat Brosseau… 461 more words


The Comic Spot – Batman Volume 3: Death of the Family

Synopsis: After a long absence, the Joker returns to Gotham to terrorize Batman once more. This time, the Joker sets his sights on the Batman family of superheroes and has plans to tear the team apart. 580 more words


Convergence #0 (DC Comics, 2015)

Convergence #0 (DC Comics)

Story : Dan Jurgens and Jeff King

Art : Ethan Van Sciver (art), Marcelo Maiolo (colours) and Travis Lanham (letters)

Reviewed by Cap’n Aldous… 1,169 more words


Batman Eternal #52 Review

Batman Eternal #52

Review by Paul Bowler

Gotham City is a raging inferno of chaos. Batman confronted the supposed mastermind at Beacon Tower, the Cluemaster. With the Dark Knight exhausted and beaten, Cluemaster was about to shoot Batman when the true mastermind emerged from the shadows… Lincoln March, the villain behind the Court of Owls storyline, the man who claimed he was Bruce’s brother, Thomas Wayne Jr! 1,408 more words


“Maelstrom VI: The Edge of the World”

Written by Jeff Parker
Art by Sean Parsons, Sandra Hope, and Paul Pelletier

It’s not the perfect family reunion when Aquaman learns the truth about his thought-to-be-dead mother. 301 more words

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