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Just One taste is Never Enough {Adult}


You’ve awakened the part of me that I had locked away out of necessity, and I can feel it in the way I am throbbing just thinking of having your hands move against me bringing me to the edge. 116 more words

05-17-15 A Good Day for A Good Man


quietly holding,

nails in his mouth,

pounds the 2 x 4 ,

door frame,

asks me to

hold, cuddle,

it in place,

while we,


wait, build,

the nest.

My first walk of shame

The morning after the night before. Until two days ago I had never had a night that I could only remember half of. Waking up naked in somebodies room with no recollection of what happened past midnight, still drunk, is never a good idea. 260 more words


The Morning After: Arrow - "My Name Is Oliver Queen"

Can I tell you something strange? I’m happy. After an excruciatingly frustrating second half of the season, I’m totally happy with the season finale of Arrow. 745 more words


The Morning After: The Flash- "Rogue Air"

THAT. WAS. AWESOME! Those three words are honestly enough to sum up the May 12th episode of the Flash, “Rogue Air”. Viewers were treated this week to: superhero team ups, super villain team ups, double crosses, break ups, break outs, breaking hearts, lightning strikes, Iris saves lives strikes, epic chase sequences, very telling glimpses into the future, and so much more! 628 more words


Cast away

You put a spell on me. Not with your words, which self-destruct like coded spy notes. Not with promises made in a haze of smoke and ice cubes cracking under whiskey, which melt away with morning fog in the sunlight. 238 more words


The Morning After: Arrow - "This Is Your Sword"

Can I just reuse my review from last week? Once again we get the same ol’ same ol from Arrow. It’s not that Arrow has gotten bad exactly, it’s just gotten frustrating. 646 more words