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The Six Pack: May 4

A lot of ‘stuff’ comes out every week. Movies, shows, albums, books, games, beers. Grab a six pack of our favorites.

Mumford & Sons’ Wilder Mind … 289 more words


The Morning After

When I started this blog, I was thinking of keeping a chronological order of my life to explain how I got from where I started to where I ended up. 539 more words


The Morning After: Arrow - "Al Sah-Him"

When did Arrow become a cheesy soap opera? How many times do we have to deal with the Oliver being gone pity party? When is Laurel going to kick it? 527 more words


The Morning After: The Flash- "The Trap"

The Flash has found great success using the meta-human case of the week formula to support a strong build towards teasing the main event storyline: the Flash vs. 643 more words


The Morning After: Game Of Thrones - "High Sparrow"

Game of Thrones is off to a grueling start. I say grueling because it’s been dead slow. The biggest death so far was someone I can’t even name because he’s such a minor character. 464 more words


The Morning After: Arrow - "The Fallen"

So that just happened… Felicity’s words not mine, but what actually happened? Sure a bunch of stuff happened, and don’t get me wrong it was all totally necessary, but it was a tad predictable and slow. 448 more words


The Morning After: Game of Thrones - "The House of  Black and White"

**I usually try not too, but potential book spoilers ahead**

Not every episode can be chock full of excitement. I get that, but I feel like this episode took advantage of introducing so many fan favorites and didn’t really give much. 398 more words