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Screens of Power -

Eye eating screens and remote mind control, in the end who really knows anyway, since Baird’s cerebral invasion technique bred and spread.
We know there’s nothing outside giving nothing up anymore, who knows if the writing in the books made sense about it and that anyway. 81 more words

Poetry & Prose

Solipsism: Are You The Only Real Person Alive?

When I was a kid, I had this nagging suspicion I was the only real person that existed in the world. I believed that everything around me, from my pencil sharpener to my parents, was all an illusion. 1,126 more words


The Fallacy of thinking, "psychology is biology"

The idea that “psychology is biology”…. That has to be dissected to the root word level. Any language or communication, to be effective must have symbols in sounds or characters, with clear definitions, that can be commonly accessed and understood between people, for subjective growth or to even acquire an understanding that pushes a being beyond the static, isolated, self,  that ordinary states of consciousness strive to maintain. 503 more words

All Of The Senses Just Not The Ordinary Ones Or The Ones They Tell Us We Have

The paradox of monsters & crazy

I finally saw the avengers. Finally. I loved the movie. So much action. Hurray!

Anyway, one of the things that was kind of hanging around was a thing a character said. 165 more words


A new way of thinking

Most of us, if not all, are programmed to think in a certain way. We fear what we are programmed to fear. It’s time to take control over your old programmed hard drive and literally reprogram it. 157 more words


Unlocking our true potential

It seems as if our cognitive growth is affected by our environment. Experiments designed to highlight this could bring to light new ways in which to utilise more of the brain. 629 more words


Am I A Paradox?

This hit pretty close to home (and it was too good)  not to share.

The Mind          

Millie is one of those bloggers that maybe someday I’ll get the chance to meet and sit a spell with. 34 more words

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