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A Motor or A Millrace

Still in a job. Short-term project feel the gun on the back of the head, I need to start asking questions. It’s coming hopefully I don’t hear the pop. 148 more words

The Mind.

Magic, Swords, Ancient Languages, perilous adventures- what reading a fantasy book led me about learn about the mind and ourselves

Finally… Finally I got to place my hands on and devour one of the books I had been wanting to read since so long. I am a huuuuuge fan of the fantasy genre and any book having large doses of it along with interesting characters takes no time to steal my heart. 1,162 more words

arrogant, aloof, unfriendly

I smile when I see Tom & Jerry but can’t hide away my frown when someone denies me dark chocolate & raspberry truffle; I cry once a month but my own sense of humor usually cracks me up; I fear the unknown and at the same time, the unknown gets me excited; In one moment, I’m ready to take Karma into my own hands, and the very next moment, I see the advantage of the original problem. 417 more words

The Mind

The Energy

We frack our brains to see what’s inside

Pinhole precision and whimsy ambition

Comes out in torrents and rip currents

The secret to extracting lies in passion… 15 more words


A quick way to move yourself from a state of overwhelm to harmonious prosperity

How many times have you heard or used the words, overwhelm, worry or doubt in just the last 24 hours?

It’s become a norm to fret, worry and get frazzled as a way of going through life in today’s society. 1,160 more words


More on our internal, romanticized selves

In order to maintain a sense of self, we all hold within ourselves a secret way of seeing ourselves that indicated how we want to be seen and taken care of. 129 more words


Sometimes it’s just nice to relax by the pool and don’t do nothing at all. Just be in the moment and enjoying yourself! 😄👌

I’ve also started to read books now and feel it very relaxing and the mind seems to wander away every time… … 30 more words