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The Mary Sue: Fear mongering journalism at it's best

So apparently the questions the Honey Badger Radio asked at the Calgary Expo was interesting, engaging, and weren’t violent or threatening at all. Yet they were all labeled and seen as harassers? 363 more words


Spider-Gwen's Bottom Breaks the Internet

So, the Internet exploded today, and this time it wasn’t because of Kim’s derrière. It was over a comic book artist’s rendering of a female character. 679 more words

Consume Comics

Frank Cho's variant cover of Milo Manara's variant cover

Never thought anything was wrong with the one variant cover from Manara, nor do I see anything wrong with this. Unlike the people over at… 104 more words


Pillars of Eternity and the Language of Transphobia

Update: As of writing this, the joke has been patched out of Pillars of Eternity

TW: Transphobia

Transphobia exists in every aspect of our culture, right down to the words we use to describe trans people. 692 more words


More Behind the Scenes of Avengers: Age of Ultron

After watching the last Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer and fangirling about the locations, I ended up browsing YouTube looking for more stuff about the upcoming movie and I found this gem. 23 more words