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Phey Yew Kok Affair no cover-up please, however awkward or embarrassing

When Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong made a statement this week about Phey Yew Kok’s return after 36 years on the run, he said he was hoping for a “closure to a long standing case”, and “will not allow any cover-up, even when it is awkward or embarrassing for the Government”. 2,407 more words

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The Markets: June 29, 2015

Not quite as popular as Branjelina and Kimye, ‘Grexit’ (short for Greek Exit) has gained traction as a nickname during the past few months. The British press appropriated a variation, Brexit, when they discovered that the Bank of England was researching the potential risks of renegotiating membership in the European Union, or possibly even leaving the group—but that’s another story. 379 more words


Singaporeans Would Be Much Angrier If They Knew How Much SingTel's CEO Was Really Getting

Many Singaporeans, particularly Singtel customers, at the pay raise given to Ms Chua Sock Koong, the CEO. Today Online, owned by fellow Temasek subsidiary, Mediacorp, reported that according to the 2015 annual report, her pay rose from $4.71 million for the year ending 31 March 2014 to $5.6 million for the current year. 1,527 more words

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Outdoor dining in Annisquam

Finding The Market restaurant on Cape Ann is not simple.

To get there, diners must traverse the mazelike roads of Annisquam village. And it’s easy to drive by the place once or twice—the only indication that the modest, shingled shack holds an eatery is a faded sign left over from a previous tenant, the Lobster Cove Market and Restaurant. 994 more words


How Our Government Came to be Perceived as Violating the Rights of Children

With Amos Yee’s sentencing due tomorrow, the Office of the United Nations HIgh Commissioner for Human Rights has issued a statement that sentencing Amos to reformative training is completely disproportionate for the offences for which he has been convicted. 252 more words

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The Markets: June 22, 2015

You’re probably familiar with the seven-year itch. Not the movie with Marilyn Monroe, but the concept that relationships can lose their luster after seven years. 319 more words


National Numbers Are In - Home Sales Down, Prices Up, Interest Rates Rise

The national real estate numbers are in and here’s what we see in the macromarket:

  • Number of Home Sales Down
  • Median Home Price Up
  • Interest Rates Up…
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