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Racist Agenda


Darwinism┬áhas a clear racist agenda within it which The Descent of Man and also in Charles Darwin’s personal letters is reveal this. More on this subject is discussed… 663 more words


The Language in Disney

Not so long ago, I got the assignment to write an article about the language in films. Does the language effects the way we watch films and interpret the story? 807 more words


31 Day Disney Challenge Day #2

Favourite Disney Song
Be Prepared

Keeping in theme with yesterday and the Lion King, Be Prepared is one of the best songs in any Disney movie I have ever heard. 32 more words


#181: Disney Ventures (14) - Hidden Mickeys and Other References

If there is one thing that the Disney animated films are infamous for, that would be the “Hidden Mickeys”. What are those? Given that Mickey Mouse is the most iconic Disney character ever made, it often sneaks into the other Disney films, from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to something like Lilo and Stitch. 814 more words


31 Day Disney Challenge Day #1

Favourite Disney Movie
The Lion King

Based on what happens later on in this challenge, I couldn’t have chosen a Pixar movie or a sequel. Out of all of the Disney movies that I’ve seen, the Lion King had the most impact on me; the plot, the animation, and the music all blew me away. 21 more words


Why Scar is the Cruelest Disney Villain Ever

My little sister’s musical for this year’s summer theatre production is The Lion King Jr. I love The Lion King. I think I forgot how much I loved it because I haven’t watched it in a while, but now that I’m helping out at the rehearsals…? 277 more words