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I'll Take Story with a Side of Themes, Please

Theme/plot discussion of DAI


Ok, so here’s a takeaway:

So it appears that the Andraseans are wrong: I was not hand chosen by Andraste, she did not lead me out of the fade, that thing did. 1,985 more words

Oh, The Humanity: A Close Reading of The Last of Us

For the entirety of my second playthrough of The Last of Us, I struggled to reconcile two fundamentally different constructions of humanity. The first suggests that to have humanity is to be kind or benevolent. 815 more words

The Death of Us

Just about a quarter through the game and I’m already having such intense feelings about it. Mostly about death. Death isn’t nice. 517 more words


*This review may contain spoilers, however, I will try my best to not include spoilers.*

Console I played on: Playstation 4

Ellie is the second playable character in Naughty Dog’s critically acclaimed third person action survival/horror game. 441 more words


The Last of Us an emotional masterpiece (Spoilers)

I liked how TLoU presented the brutality of the world that Joel and Ellie lived in, it was for want of a better word, repulsive. Every melee weapon hit had impact and weight, thanks to the low ammo. 804 more words


A phone asking, "How are you today?"

 This is a photo I took where I was just playing with my mum’s extra phone (for emergencies). This post is completely random and none of this is planned.   395 more words