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The Last of Us Let's Play [Part 16/17]

Alright, time to get this party started. There are lots of shitty cars around so I’m wondering how are they going to get the car from one place to another. 1,312 more words


The Morning Quesadilla with Jacedilla - 6July2015

So stoked on this week. No, no new games but just another day I can be Batman or a High Elf in Dremora armour. Life is going well in our gamers world. 201 more words


Let's Test Your Gayming Knowledge!

You may have heard by now but gay marriage is officially legal in all 50 of our United States.  You might be happy about it, you might not, but it’s a thing now, so I guess you’re just going to have to deal with that.  46 more words

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The Last of Us, first impressions

It’s beautiful. There’s no doubt about that. Even the loading screen (mercifully very short and I’m looking at you splinter cell for your interminable loads) is just gobstoppingly gorgeous. 521 more words

In Case You Missed It: Nerd News : Harry Potter, The Last of Us 2

Hey guys!

In this newest video, I talk about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, and The Last of Us 2. I also talk about my news comic book purchases. 53 more words

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The Last of Us Let's Play [Part 15]

Last place we left off was in Bill’s Town. He’s supposed to be the only one in the town so i guess it is technically his town. 951 more words


Critical Examination: The Last of Us (Part 2)

Part 2: Ellie

I waste no time getting back into it.  The next part of this game’s equation to look at is Ellie.  The moral center of the game?  3,224 more words