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What "The Order: 1886" Can Learn From "The Last of Us"

The Order: 1886 is being sold as a cinematic video game.  And though the grainy look and high production values might suggest that it is, these are merely deceptions.  963 more words


The Last of Us

I played through The Last of Us very late, I had it sitting on my shelf collecting dust for about 8 months before I got around to actually playing the game. 1,051 more words


10 Games I Hate That Everybody Loves

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We all have those games. 1,484 more words

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To Save a Life

“I need something smuggled out of the city. I’ll give you your guns and then some.”, said Marlene. Joel and Tess agreed but they never could’ve guessed exactly what Marlene wanted smuggled out. 504 more words


The Tale of David: The Last of Us, Fan Fiction

The Tale of David (Based on The Last of Us)
Bunmi Hazzan
Copyright (c) 2014

I was like you once. I lived in the world. I had a home, a wife, 2 daughters, I had a job. 893 more words

The Last Of Us

The Last of Us: Left Behind - Case Study

The Last of Us: Left Behind – Case Study

Bunmi Hazzan
Copyright © 2014


The aim of this case study is to examine the relationship between Ellie and Riley using Left Behind and American Dreams and look at how it affects Ellie’s character during The Last of Us. 563 more words

The Last Of Us