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Fright-Rags Travels to Another Dimension With "Twilight Zone" Box Set

Fright-Rags continues to deliver incredible t-shirt designs with their latest Twilight Zone collection. Featuring designs based off of some of the most iconic episode in the series, the collection also features a collector’s box and a resin statue based on one of the “Invaders.” 121 more words


III Vs. Doom - Akira (4/22/2015)

I hadn’t slept in 2 days. The break-up with Veronica rocked me, I was unsure of everything I did; what if everytime I helped someone I was ruining some innocent persons life. 1,116 more words


The Invaders - The Fall of Sqeedmeister (4/16/2015)

A group of men (and Goddess) and let me tell you, despite however crude we are or were. Some of them fall to love and lose themselves. 1,280 more words


The Invaders - Civil War (4/9/2015)

It started with a few little comments here and there, little thing’s you’d notice but brush off like it wasn’t a big deal. And my own insecurities of not being there to lead; Perhaps I was too defensive, but when it begins to feel like your being attacked you don’t have a lot of options left… ( A lot of this was copied directly from the archives so please excuse the grammatical errors, on a happier note though, this is probably the least violent story I’ll be sharing, honestly no one died or was hurt in this.. 1,899 more words


The Invaders - Gen 3 (4/8/2015)

This period would see a great many changes, the group would not only expand in 2 different directions but personally it would also begin the inferiority complex I would carry over from my real life into gaming. 635 more words


Invaders Day I (4/6/2015)

Every night, everyday we were online together, for an entire year strangers became friends, more than friends even. We opened our soul to each other, we told thing’s about ourselves that we never shared with the outside world or family.  731 more words


III Vs. IV - To be continued.. (4/1/2015)

The longer I stayed at my father’s the closer me and my little brother got, we never really had deep conversation’s before and most the time our father seemed to like it more when we were separate, he probably didn’t want me rubbing off on Alandus, or maybe he was worried about the thing’s I would tell him. 1,468 more words