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Side by Side - X SGTSMOOTH X (Side Story 10)

A rivalry is good to build character and bring attention to what your capable of, but a good rivalry can elevate you beyond your dormancy and help you see a new potential in yourself… 639 more words

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Return (5/11/2015)

I wish I could give a better synopsis of the next few days after the break-up, but I was drunk, almost every night.

Back to partying with Shadell and drinking as much as I could. 867 more words

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Her - "Broken" (5/10/2015)

We met online ( Okcupid ). After reading my profile she was worried that I’d be emotionally closed off, so after a day of texting each other back and forth we skyped and right then and there I opened up. 908 more words

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Old Hag Syndrome - Experiment 1 (5/8/2015)

I’d like to first reiterate that having Old Hag Syndrome does not make you crazy, it’s not demonic possession, your not cursed, whatever it is it’s been around since before people had a name for it, the ancient societies had different names and superstitions about it but no one has ever delved far enough in it to fully understand it. 1,146 more words

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Her - Dispassionate (5/6/2015)

I met her at Shadell’s party, at this point Shadell and I didn’t hang out to often. I had just recently stitched myself and was hoping to relax for a few days so a party seemed like an ok option. 799 more words

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The Invaders - Generation 5 & The Death Of Resented (5/4/2015)

We were back on consistently, like the old days. A full team of Invaders, at least 6 or more per night. Bio Smik kicked his new recruiting method (Reddit) into high gear and brought us a few new hopeful teammates, Seth Humphreys (Fallndwnplzhelp) an EMT from Colorado and single father, who possibly due to his age would become one of the more sensible and even keel’d of the team. 674 more words

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