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The Serial Returner is Back!

Amazon idiotic seven-day ebook return policy strikes again, but hopefully my personal serial returner has finally bought/copied/returned all the books in all my series. Of course, there will always be a new release and another author to take advantage of… 48 more words

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Friday News & Nook Freebies

March is almost gone and I didn’t even realize it wasn’t January anymore. Life and other stuff have happened and I am quite out of track. 60 more words

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Got me a new banner

Therefore, I have to share how awesome it is with you. Plus, there is a giveaway going on at my friend A.K. Michaels’ Facebook page. Deservedly, she just reached 6k likes and she’s in a festive mood. 27 more words

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An Immortal Valentine’s Day: Alive and Free!

Despite being born under an unlucky star, the fifth title in The Immortals series is out. To thank my loyal readers, instead of virtual chocolates and cards, I’ve decided to put… 354 more words

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Wolf Pack Sale and Giveaway: Shifters only

Lately, I’ve found this fabulous group on Facebook, The Wolf Pack: For Readers Who Like a Good Howl and I confess I spend lots of time browsing the other authors’ posts looking for my next paranormal/shifter themed read. 139 more words

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First Rant of the Year

I’ll keep it short.

Remember, every time a reader returns a book he has just copied for a refund, a fictional character dies.

That’s it.

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Stories on the Go: 101 very short stories by 101 authors

I lurk every day on several forums, but the one place where I spend most of the time I should otherwise engage in writing is the… 195 more words

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