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The Big Book Tag! :D

Hey guys! So I’ve seen this tag around loads on youtube and I really wanted to it, so I’m doing it :D If you haven’t heard of this tag, which I’m sure you probably have because its been around for a while, all you have to do it list the 5 biggest books on your shelf that you have read, and the 2 biggest books on your shelf that you haven’t read. 336 more words

Cassandra Clare

A Book Review on The Host, by Stephanie Meyer.

Publisher: Little, Brown & Company.
Year: 2008.
Number of pages: 638.

Wanderer tells us her story, set in the world’s future, when dead human bodies are being filled with new souls. 349 more words

Book Reviews

Rowan Recommends: Romance

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, I’m going to recommend some of my favorite romance books, for all those fan-girls that are spending today with a book. I don’t really books that fall exclusively under the romance category, so the books that I’m recommending today feature some of my favorite romances. 1,142 more words


Day 14 - Recommend A Book

30 Days Book Challenge – Day 14 – Recommend A Book

The Host

Warning: The first half is boring. But it is worth the wait since the later half compensates for it all. 166 more words


Waiting for Wednesday

Alright everyone, right now I am obsessed with Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare, and I am predicting that I will be done with that, so there will most likely be a review! 63 more words

Cassandra Clare

The Host by Stephenie Meyer


Yesterday, I finished reading “The Host” by Stephenie Meyer and I want to say that it was AMAZING!!! I loved the characters, especially Ian! He seemed so genuine and nice, he was always there for Wanda/Wanderer. 263 more words


Currently Reading: The Host by Stephenie Meyer

I have read the Twilight Saga (except Breaking Dawn), and my conclusion after reading the books was that it was pure entertainment. I didn’t admire the writing style and the whole vibe of the books. 165 more words