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The Host by Stephanie Meyer

I’m not a “Twilight” fan and had feared “The Host” would be another “Twilight”, but thank goodness I was wrong. You know how the rule is you’re supposed to read the book before you watch the movie, well I broke it and don’t regret it at all. 280 more words

Under the Radar - The Host

Giant monster movies are all about spectacle. Buildings crashing down, a desperate military throwing everything they have at the threat, and maybe even a good old monster on monster brawl. 527 more words

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Books or Looks: The Host by Stephenie Meyer

So I was watching Matilda, as one does when she is twenty-something years old, and I was inspired by a scene to create a new tag called Books or Looks in which I choose one of my favourite books, every month or so, and compare it and any of its corresponding adaptations to film. 537 more words

Well Hello There

Yeah first post so I guess its only fitting that we start with myself. Im KJ I usually take photos of random people👪 and nature🌳 but I do occasionally take photos of other things, hence the title of my blog; UnknowingPhotography⁉. 61 more words

The Host

Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 4 Awards

Here, my wife and I offer a look at the best and worst parts of Season 4 of TNG! Feel free to chime in to let us know what you thought. 641 more words

Star Trek

The Host by Stephenie Meyer

Oh. My. God.

I never read the Twilight series, I still have no interest in it, but this book was intriguing and was also recommended to me by a friend, and then borrowed from him, so it was just a matter of days to start it. 652 more words

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Aside: Pinion (#9)

The smallest gear rotates in our machine and we respond in sequence.

Spinning eternally, never freely, in juxtaposition to a dozen larger pieces, never awake or aware, moving time steadily along its track to the end. 626 more words