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Com'er Pig, Pig, Pig!

We’re pig people now!

I’ve named them “CT” … Chop & Tenderloin

I’m sure we have some trial and error coming to us and already want to make some living quarters changes, but we’re gonna give it our best shot!

The Homestead

Defender Of The Universe

GRIZZLY. Male. 2 Years. 85lbs. German Shepard.

AKA: Griz, Sir Bark-A-Lot, Big Baby, The Griz, Dude

This fella is a pure breed. We found a breeder, law enforcement blood lines, obedience training, paperwork, the whole nine yards to an expensive dog. 437 more words

The Homestead

Things that make me scream, take notice or engage me

Politics.  That’s a screamer for me. I’m happy you have an opinion – please, keep it to yourself. Just for the record I support neither party, registered Independent, and try to vote on issues when I vote.   1,023 more words


A Post About Nothing but Anticipation

I am living up to my namesake, folks!  Yet again, Wishing My Life Away!  It is Thursday.  Tomorrow is Friday.  What’s that mean?  WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE!!   52 more words


The Shenanigans We Call Life

We took a less then traditional honeymoon.
Bought plane tickets. Rented a car.
…the rest was found behind the camera lens.

Our version of camping is packing the truck and picking a direction. 82 more words

The Homestead

Banana Bob

Banana Bob
Our little brother is an active little fella rounding the ripe old age of eight. He gave me this minion because he knows of the love I have for the minions from the movie Despicable Me. 34 more words

The Homestead