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Why Modern Israel Today Is Not Biblical and Not God's Chosen People part III conclusion

Final preface:  Part I opened with some examples of “If Israel today is Biblical” in hopes of making you think and become cognizant of the differences of Israel then and Israel today?  7,479 more words


The heart of the cross

In silent prayer and meditation today before the Lord, I felt the gravity of my salvation. I saw the burdened cross before me and heard the voices of many who deny Christ or any other divinity at all. 629 more words


Guarding the Gospel

So, when we see these things, be sure that the Holy Spirit has rightly made provision for such ills and has supplied us with a remedy so that each of us may, quietly and in all humility, obey God’s word.  176 more words

John Calvin

"Hey You! Yes You!"

Have you heard about the real story of Jesus Christ and the message He brought just for you?  said the smiley Christian Guy.

“Yea, I have heard of him, but I don’t believe in all that religious stuff.”  Said the Survival of the Fittest Guy. 316 more words


Psalm 23

I suppose if you stumble across this post as you peruse my blog, my last one, you will see that its tone is rather pastoral, a tack I usually do not take. 1,082 more words


God Sent the Gospel

God’s intention in sending us His gospel was to draw us out of the world and to point us to Himself so that we might await, with confidence, the inheritance of everlasting life so dearly purchased for us by our Lord Jesus Christ.  81 more words

John Calvin

We’re Children Of Light!

For YE WERE sometimes darkness, but NOW ARE YE LIGHT in the Lord: walk as children of light – Ephesians 5:8

The sun and the moon have a wonderful relationship. 358 more words