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What is the church to do in a 5-4 world?

A brave new world supplants the illusion of “Christian America” 

We now know what we have long suspected: America is not and never was “a Christian nation.” We may have put “In God we trust” on our coins and “one nation under God” into our pledge during the red scare, but those were merely the vestigial organs of an America of church attenders familiar with the scriptural imagery of Western civilization. 1,307 more words


7. God Calls Abram from the Nations and for the Nations


As we have surveyed the history of redemption we have taken care to note how the fall explains why, in light of God’s good creation, Israel experienced 400 years of death and slavery. 987 more words


The Gospel of the Kingdom of God


As we enter Mark’s gospel narrative, we read early on of how Jesus came to Galilee “proclaiming the gospel of God, and saying, ‘The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand; repent and believe in the gospel,” 1,715 more words

By Grace Through Faith

Allow Me To Re-Introduce the Christ | P4CM Spoken Word

This one little poem has been the center of so much talk & attention, listen & see what the buzz is all about. 

Being Christian

The Gospel Posse Launch

This morning we launched a new section of our web site called Gospel Posse Stories. This new section is going to be a collection of personal stories of redemption and rescue from those in our Twitter #gospelposse. 208 more words

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On "God, the Gospel, and the Gay Challenge"

It is advisable to read the article I am responding to in addition to my response. I have also linked it throughout the article and I have also linked the book to which Mohler is responding.  408 more words

Tough Questions: Marriage Exclusivity. Procreation. The God I want.

Here are some real-life, tough questions on marriage exclusivity, Adam & Eve, Procreation, and “the God we want”.  This was an actual letter I sent to a friend of mine this week in response to his questions.  2,540 more words

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