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Tangled Sheets


As someone who loves to sleep but funnily enough doesn’t seem to need a lot of it, I find myself staying up late at night for absolutely no reason and hating myself in the morning as I try to stay in bed until the last possible second. 788 more words

Happy International Women's Day!

A friend’s Facebook post recently pointed out that ideological movements like feminism have taken so long to prevail because the global culture deems it more important to publicly identify as a feminist than to actually do something that combats patriarchy. 406 more words


What I Learned From My Son After The Death of Our Dog

I promise this is my last post on Walt-the-dog or at least about him dying. This one is about how Thorin dealt with losing his friend. 25 more words

By Notatypicalmom

About Me and Why I Write

I JUST WANT TO BE AN EXCELLENT WRITER. That’s it. Keep me pure. I want a future where I’ve written so much that I can showcase my texts on a handmade shelf in my office. 895 more words


The Delayed Consequences of When Youth Sports Get Dirty

“Now, for a student-athlete who is head-and-shoulders above all his peers and projected to become a professional, what happens over the course of their childhood? What do adults let them get away with? 74 more words

Michael Stahl

#Introverts 1-10 "Solitude matters, and for some people, it is the air that they breathe." - Susan Cain

1. We withdraw in crowds.
2. Small talk stresses us out, while deeper conversations makes us feel alive.
3. We succeed on stage — just not in the chit-chat afterwards. 100 more words

Dameyon Bonson

Thoughts on "Desexualizing the Modern Gay Man"

One of the topics I consider is sexualization and how it affects me personally, and my community. This topic was brought up to me again by this article, … 1,047 more words