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The History and Effectiveness of Lil B's Based Curse


Forget about ghosts, demons, spiders and your grandma’s feet; there is something else to be afraid of now. That something is the “Based God’s Curse”. 1,012 more words


Abalone around the world: Slovenčina


Abstraktná strategická hra pre dvoch hráčov, ktorá patrí do série hier bez prvku náhody. Teda v nej spravidla víťazí skušenejší hráč. Hra má veľmi jednoduché pravidlá. 71 more words

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Abalone around the world: Ελληνικά


Φυτώριο (παιχνίδι πινάκων)

Παιχνίδι στρατηγικής με πολύ μεγάλο ενδιαφέρον, για δύο παίκτες που ο τίτλος του προέρχεται από το Ab+alone δηλ. ποτέ μόνος.
Ο ένας παίκτης παίζει με τις άσπρες μπίλιες και ο άλλος με τις μαύρες. 11 more words

The Game

Rust Is Back and Its Better than Ever

The New Rust Has Risen, and Its Good

A curious thing happened as I was perusing my friends list on Steam, casually seeing what everyone was playing. 1,137 more words


David Fincher Series #3: The Game (1997)

Following on from the success of Seven two years previously, David Fincher continued to develop his growing reputation as a director of complex psychological thrillers with his third feature, 1,269 more words