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A Time For Choosing

A Time For Choosing – Free Enterprise in Twenty-First Century Britain
By The Free Enterprise Group
edited by Kwasi Kwarteng, Ryan Bourne & Jonathan Dupont… 560 more words

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Seoul Part 2

After taking a long break from blogging, it is time for me to continue blogging about my trip to Seoul. So, after the night at Namsam Seoul Tower, the following day, we went to explore the Hongdae area.To go there, just take Line 9 and alight at Hongik University Station. 780 more words


Naturalism is not Enough: Or, Why Transcendence is not the Problem

There has been a great discussion in the comment section of the latest TNT episode where Tripp talks with LeRon Shults and Barry Taylor, both of whom I admire. 1,258 more words


Net Neutrality Explained

Net Neutrality Explained

The above link is a simple explanation of the importance of net neutrality.  It will let you know why it is important and how not having it affect your internet usage.   11 more words


God, as you well know, is a dicey proposition, but, as you well know, the 1% actually exist. Isn’t it time that when we say grace that we direct our thanks to the folks that actually feed us? 18 more words


Minimum Wage

By Alan Hajek

There is a movement in Nebraska to raise the minimum wage. Plans are in motion to add this initiative to the ballot in November. 237 more words

The Free Market

What Happens When You Inject The Free Market Into Classrooms?

Suddenly good teachers can earn millions of dollars.

When unions complain about teacher pay it’s never about actually paying the good teachers, it’s always about leeching more money off the public.

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