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Libertarian women's history month: Isabel Patterson

Isabel Paterson (January 22, 1886 – January 10, 1961) was a Canadian-American journalist, novelist, political philosopher, and a leading literary critic of her day.    She was slight, just over five feet tall, with a delicate taste in food and drink, a deep love of nature, and a nationally famous sense of humor. 3,553 more words

Ayn Rand

My secret lies within this book

My books stand tall on my basement windowsill held by a golden Chinese dragon statue that I once received as a goodbye gift. Their poor pages and small strong words brush against each other to stay warm during this cruel lonesome winter. 284 more words



(Pages 664-695 of 695)

I finished! My takeaway, some of which was intended by the author, and some of which was not necessarily intended by the author, is that it is important that we allow people to be independent thinkers, that we encourage and reward skill and excellence, that we do not base our identity and our lives on what other people think, AND ALSO that it is good to have mercy and compassion on the poor, that generosity is a beautiful thing but not something to be forced, and that we are to love our neighbor as ourselves.



(Pages 609-656 of 695)

It’s getting very intense now. Well, it’s been pretty intense all along, but now it is more intense than ever. The true personalities and motives are beginning to be exposed and come clear. 32 more words


PRAISE OF FOLLY, by Desiderius Erasmus

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This reminds me of The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. I wonder if Ayn Rand read Erasmus and was influenced by him.


My Life in Books: Kelly Lentz

Despite studying towards my English Literature degree, most of the life-changing books I’ve read were written by authors that are, well, anything but English. I am dubious as to what that might say about me – I hope it means I’m well-read, or at least versatile, but I suspect it means I am too undisciplined or chaotic to focus on any one thing. 641 more words

My Life In Books