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On Baby's First Year And Friends

I have some really great friends.  And by great friends, I mean- the best.

A lot of people think that having great friends means that you see them and talk to them all the time, but we are actually quite the opposite.   472 more words


Au Vert Logis

Before the first LNG processing and exporting plant in the world (CAMEL, later to be called GL4Z) started commercial operations there in 1964, the town of Arzew had merely been  a sleepy fishing port about 40 kilometres from Oran. 884 more words

Enfin Maries

T. threw himself down on the mattress that we had installed in the living room of our new flat in Oran. We had not yet bought any kind of furniture, the windows were curtain-less and we were making do with what Sonatrach provided for us by way of furnishings. 749 more words

Tips for Surviving Anatomy Lab

Draw it out. I’m no Netter, but taking the time to draw out the structures by region really helped me pay attention to the relationships between structures. 251 more words

The First Year

Days Three and Four - Aftermath

The next morning I was exhausted by the strangeness of it all and of being manipulated by the women like a rag doll. Up until then, I had kept telling myself sternly that if going through all this was the price I had to pay to marry T, well, so be it. 736 more words

Day Two: Henna and Tears

The henna ceremony was as simple as it was moving. I wore a traditional kaftan in black and silver and T. the suit that he had had made by a bespoke tailor for his graduation.  805 more words

Transitioning from Student to Clinician

This week I gave a group presentation on transitioning from student to clinician. My part of the project involved describing the experience of transitioning and the problems associated with becoming a clinician. 301 more words

The First Year