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Check out This Pretty Cool Fan Made Poster for 'Fantastic Four'

Fan made posters and trailers have become something entirely on their own these days. Fans are taking to their computers to express their takes on their favorite movie properties. 188 more words


See 2 Powerful New 'Fantastic Four' TV Spots

20th Century Fox’s rebooted superhero movie Fantastic Four is now just a little over a month away and up until this point, we haven’t seen a ton of marketing for it. 264 more words

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Fox Pulls All Previous Versions of Fantastic Four From Digital Networks

In a move that is clearly meant to make you forget the previous attempts by Fox to make a Fantastic Four movie, Fox has had all digital copies pulled from online sites such as Amazon and Itunes (although you can still purchase the dvds and rent the dvd from Netflix), in advance of the August release of the newly rebooted Fantastic Four. 128 more words


A Human Torch Story That’s So Bad It’s ‘Van Vile’

Journey Into Marvel – Part 81

Extremites, I have discovered the best way to enter a story in the Strange Tales solo Human Torch issues is to expect the worse. 731 more words


Thematic Cast of Characters: A Steampunk Writer's Perspective

Thematic casting is when you base your characters around a central theme. Take the Fanastic Four as a fairly simplistic example of thematic casting. Mr Fantastic represents ‘water, Sue is ‘air’, the Human Torch is ‘fire’ and the Thing is ‘earth'; all four of the basic elements as understood by alchemists. 499 more words


The Ultimate Streaming Guide To Every Marvel Movie

In the early 1980s, no one could have imagined Marvel Comics building the empire of superhero movies that we see today. They started from modest beginnings as they licensed their most popular characters to 20th Century Fox and Sony Pictures with varying degrees of success. 2,172 more words


MARVEL MADNESS #7: Ryan Reynolds IS AWESOME, CIVIL WAR Updates, An APOCALYPSE Is Coming, And More!

So prepare yourself for a mountain worth of Marvel news coming to you! We have a vast amount of all things Marvel related this week. We’re talking Deadpool, X-Men: Apocalypse, Captain America: Civil War, Agent Carter, Agents of SHIELD, and a hell of a lot more! 4,359 more words

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