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I think if you never met me, but you could spend ten minutes in my office, you’d know me. At any given moment it looks like an art store and book store simultaneously exploded. 502 more words

The Everyday


One of the first little flowers to bloom in the spring is the delicate snowy-white galanthus nivalus, appropriately called, “snowdrop.”

You can see the bright yellow-orange pollen dusting the inner surface of the petals in this close-up. 225 more words


City Centre Ruins - 2018

My entry to the Ferens Open Exhibition 2015. The title of the image is 2018, i.e. year after the city of culture. This photo reflects the views of the cynics and the haters.  189 more words

Fast Fashion

Millennials are the generation with the shortest attention span. We always have multiple tabs open, two devices within arm’s reach, and simultaneously hold three different conversations with the same person across three different mediums. 713 more words

The Everyday

David Emin - The Modern Art Mouse.

Play at 2:18 min

Tracey Emin on being told that her bed isn’t art -

” just screamed louder and said yes it is, its my art” 214 more words

Own Work

The Everyday part 1

“What happens When Nothing Happens?” – Paul Virilo

 “The everyday might be the common ground experience that allows museum visitors to understand the effects of history on the private lives of those who were usually overlooked.” 380 more words

pollen quest

A visit to the Van Dusen Botanical Gardens recently proved to be a real treat–my first honeybee sighting of 2015! The intrepid bees ventured out between downpours in search of nectar and pollen.  213 more words