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How was it?

Somehow you’ve come home and found you have no ingredients for a traditional meal. So you throw everything together, fry, roast, slice, mash and blend it all together to form some fusion hybrid dish. 282 more words


South African biltong

I love most foods that are raw, pickled or cured (with the exception of tinned tuna). A lot of them lend themselves very well to being a good martini accompaniment. 173 more words

The Diary

The Diary: Revison, ships and Eurovision

Yep has been filled with revision! Lucky me!! Thankfully only one exam this week which was C1 (Maths) Some people found it really hard but I thought it wasn’t that bad. 180 more words

Northern Ireland

Confused Cheerleader - Writing this was better than crying

Intrusive dreams leave me fused to the idea of you

I dreamt you were here with me as I slept, like you used to be… 172 more words

The Diary

Sunshine Girl - Peace is Weird (Day 7)

I don’t know what I expected to happen when we said our goodbyes. I thought I might relapse the next morning like oh-so many other times. 311 more words

The Diary

Confused Cheerleader - Everything is Gone *updated*

The We Heart It thing has set me back further than before, I even text him last night he didn’t answer. He hasn’t been online in a good while, I’m kind of worried about him. 93 more words

The Diary

Sunshine Girl - Breakthrough

It’s 01:06 am and I’m finally content and at ease. We spoke and talked it out. We’ve ended our friendship amicably. It doesn’t hurt now to see him popping up in the group chat because I know he isn’t avoiding me. 283 more words

The Diary