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THE GENTLE STORM Heart of Amsterdam

We proudly present THE GENTLE STORM’s brand new video: ‘Heart of Amsterdam’>>

This is the second track taken from the upcoming concept album ‘ 171 more words

Metal As Religion

I am ready.

Finally, Everything were packed to my baggage and I’m ready to start my 2015 photography trip at the next four hours. My mind was so blank and myself feels fresh. 152 more words

The Diary

The mango martini

Growing up on an island off the west coast of Scotland, I don’t think I even saw a mango until I was a fully grown adult living on the mainland. 315 more words

The Diary

Listening for, "Bang!"

Today in Thailand is Monday right now and about 00.05 hrs when I started to write this. Yes, I’ll start my 2015 photograph trip in the Japan and South Korea by taking a flight from Lampang domestic airport at about six and a half o’clock in this evening. 209 more words

The Diary

Sun still raises on the east and sets at the west.

*No matter the good or bad will happen with me. The show must go on and because of my nickname is, “The Crazy Cat!”

Someone asked me that, “Is she in your heart already?” I told to them that, “No, not yet.” Yes, It was my want only. 785 more words

The Diary

Non-alcoholic rose and lemon drop martini

Yes, yes, non-alcoholic. I can’t drink all the time you know.

After serving martinis, you might, as I do, find your fridge to be full of bald lemons, shaved of their peel but still bursting with juice. 181 more words

The Diary

STOP your attacks to my computer network now, KBS!

Now, I’m completely sure that my computer network on internet was attacked by someone who work with the “Korean Broadcasting System (KBS)”. Because some staff in KBS knew to my webcam’s IP Address which them watched on me for over three years. 179 more words

The Diary