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You Should Be Streaming These Foreign Language Films On Netflix

This is by no means a definitive list of the best foreign language films on Netflix streaming — there are many gems — this is more of a primer for those who want to see what the “paint-outside-the-lines” aesthetics of foreign cinema can offer. 830 more words


Film Friday: Fight Club, The Departed, and Heathers

I think I’m going to do weekly film suggestions, AKA Film Friday. It’ll be fun for me because I love movies and hopefully encourage all of you to watch some and appreciate the art of film. 1,006 more words


Some of my Favorites

I’m gonna have a little fun with this post. Instead of taking a critical look at a media text, I am just going to try to tell you about some of my personal favorite examples of drug culture in the media. 874 more words

Drug Culture

Cop Movies!


There’s nothing like cop week to get the dirty taste of dance movies out of your mouth! Thanks Wandering Through the Shelves for sponsoring yet another thoughtful Thursday theme, and for giving me the perfect excuse for subjecting my wife to all the explodey movies she normally turns her cute little nose up at. 1,364 more words


Meet Bobby from Boston...The King of Vintage

    I stepped into the shop and I was instantaly transported back in time. I was in complete awe of everything around me. And there was A LOT around me. 695 more words


The Red Road 2.1 - "Gifts"

There was no small degree of uncertainty with regards to the direction The Red Road could take after a successful first season. Jason Momoa’s Phillip Kopus, the heart and soul of the show, seemed headed for prison; Martin Henderson’s Harold Jensen somehow came out in front of both Kopus and the ongoing familial strife that had plagued his wife Jean and their household for the past few months. 791 more words

TV Review

The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) Howler or Tail Wagger?

Appropriately the first time I saw The Wolf of Wall Street I was hungover; but this means I didn’t really get to watch it properly. We started late, I drifted in and out of sleep, and all in all it was not the best time to be watching a film, let alone a three-hour Scorsese bonanza. 698 more words

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