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A Day of Remembrance

Today is the first anniversary of my dad’s death. I was with him when he died in the hospice, though he was no longer conscious by then. 228 more words

This Is Why You Never Ride The Subway After Midnight


I glanced at my watch. 12:52. Fuck. I hadn’t planned on staying out so late.

Normally, being out until the small hours of the morning on a weekend wouldn’t bother me. 2,215 more words

The Dead - Ep. 18

I think Ernie’s missing something…

Town Hall

The Dead? - Chapter 2

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The zombie apple tried to get in the cabin. But we blocked with stuff. Next morning the boy went downstairs to go look inside. 139 more words

The Dead?

The Dead? - Chapter 1

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A long time ago there was a cabin in the jungle. At night in the jungle they found a book next to a tree and took it back home. 212 more words

The Dead?