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The Dead - Ep. 35

That car is a 1935 Auburn Speedster 851.  It’s an excellent choice for crunching the undead.

The Dead

The Dead - Ep. 34

This strip was both fun and annoying on account of that long shot in the first cell.  I pretty much had to set up the entire town at once. 71 more words

The Dead

“The life of the dead is set in the memory of the living.” ―Marcus Tullius Cicero


The Dead - Ep. 33

So Fr. Peter Lonergan, and Rev. Cyril and Elizabeth Playfair were all characters from The Quiet Man.  You’ll see many of the cast members in here.  63 more words

The Dead

I Lost My Wife To A Drunk Driver And I Thought I'd Never Be Able To See Her Again

The best and worst days of my life were separated by two years, three months, four days, three hours, and seven minutes, give or take a few seconds. 3,837 more words

The Dead - Ep. 32

It looks like Mayor Butler won’t be going anywhere for awhile.  Now that the town hall has been remodeled, though, his cell is much more comfortable than the one poor Oscar was stuck in when Tuckoo went missing.

The Dead

PolyMusing: James Joyce's "The Dead" - no really, it's media.

On Sunday, my wonderful triad all went to the local Renaissance Faire. This is actually the second time this year that the three of use went together. 592 more words