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The Dark Side Continuum Video

Here is my take in how to harness the Dark Side of the Force…

by Darth Odin – Sith Master 

Dark Side Continuum
Fear -> Pain -> Anger -> Strength


All white

I like Wimbledon the Brand. It’s civilised, respectful and clean-cut. (Apart from the Aussie supporters who insist on spoiling it for everyone else.)

But the otherwise admirable Federer is complaining about the dress code – with encouragement from a mouthy Murican misfit with dayglo hair. 23 more words

Chips On Shoulders


If you find the pieces of the mosaic that is me too bold, too bright, and too brash – put on your rose-colored glasses and do us both a favor and just walk away. 2,263 more words


It's pantomime time


Cinderella acquired her ticket to the ball some years ago, thanks to the innumeracy of the organisers far away in Brussels. She couldn’t, nay would never pay but her virginal charms were always enough. 104 more words

Chips On Shoulders

The Dark Side: “We should never be like them”

“Donbass is a repetition of WW II and the fight against European fascism. The true heart of antifascism can be found at exactly this point, in the continuous struggle for one’s own humanity in the face of darkness.”

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The International Reporter

And for their next trick...

Scotland plans to reduce the Royal funding. Is this the thin end of the monarchic wedge? Will regions destroy the Windsors by attrition? Will Andrew have to go by easyJet? 19 more words


With great power comes no responsibility

Structural violence is a term commonly ascribed to Johan Galtung, which he introduced in the article “Violence, Peace, and Peace Research” (1969).[1] It refers to a form of violence wherein some…

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