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What is the Emire`s Role in Star Wars episode VII Going to Be?

I know nothing about the Star Wars expanded universe or what the stories that are in cannon, are all about. Therefore the following is going to be simply speculation based on the previous movies, and the teaser trailers for Episode VII. 294 more words



Another crude usage from Labour:

‘Debate me!’ quoth he, addressing the people’s favourite, Cameron, who’d refused to join in a tv head2head…,,,

What is he on?

Chips On Shoulders

Star Wars Rebels - Season 1, Episode 7 - "Gathering Forces" - Ezra and the Dark Side

“Gathering Forces” is the second part of the story that began with “Empire Day.” In this we see Ezra use the dark side for the first time and see continuity as the episode from 2 episodes prior is used by Kanan and Ezra in this episode, as well as Organa’s ship and Tseebo. 413 more words

Favorite Episodes

Passing Shadows (Terzanelle)

Just as a skull in a field knows where it’s been,
And wedding vows are outworn by the ring,
We are passing shadows in a shifting scene. 141 more words


What am I grateful for?

(Article for ‘The Glad Wrap’, a section in the Northern Rivers Echo newspaper where anyone can contribute a story about what makes them grateful…)

I’m grateful for being able to feel gratitude. 642 more words


It's so gratifying

The perennial mouth, warmonger Bliar seems hell-bent on digging an even deeper hole by alienating Labour voters and willynilly boosting the Tory vote!

Wallace aka Ed Milibrain hates him, and the rest of the policrowd ignore him.



Don't Believe Everything You Think

Oh, I’m so sorry, am I ruining your Easter by being “depressing”?  Well, I’m not sorry. I want you to wake up and take a good look around yourself.   1,902 more words