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     Boy, oh boy has this life been a journey. Although that statement may read as though I am approaching the end, I am nowhere near that. 862 more words

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Why a mausoleum is ideal

1) If you want to get out of your coffin it’s easier. You don’t have to crawl through dirt, mud, and possibly cement; you just pop the lid of your coffin and climb on out. 109 more words

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I’m happy that I live in a society that is accepting, or at least majority of our Supreme Court is.
I’m happy for all of those who can legally marry the loves of their lives. 48 more words

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That moment when you find a living god

Praise the internet. Praise google. Praise great photographers. Praise famous people who have been possessed not only with looks but also with some notable skill that lets them get photographed billions of times so that I have multiple pictures to look at on google images. 115 more words

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Why France?

As I’m reading “the Skimm” I’m realizing how often terrorist attacks are in France. The Charlie Hebdo bombings earlier this year. The terrorist attack on a Jewish store where 17 people were killed. 134 more words

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