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Still Alive!

Hello Strangers! —- Literally, I’m so embarrassed that I have not written in awhile or even began a blog that didn’t consist of an introduction or promoting the new blog. 1,175 more words


Week 2/13/15

I started my week off with a nice college interview at Starbucks. Unfortunately for me, the interviewer had to postpone the interview until later in the day – I received the notice only after I arrived. 136 more words

Weekly Faves

A.A.W. -- Fictional Men Edition

I didn’t realize this until I started writing this post, but I actually have far fewer aromantic headcanons for men than women. With women I felt like I had a vast pool to choose from, whereas with men I had to stretch back through all the characters I knew to see if I’d noticed anyone as being particularly aromantic.* 443 more words

The Croods Review

The Croods is a more appealing movie than its bland title might suggest. But it also won’t be ranked alongside Dreamworks’ best work. It’s ambitious in scale and filled with colorful character designs, but it’s also restrained when it comes to narrative. 572 more words

Animated Films

Day # 92 – oh Dairy Days!

Today is Superbowl Sunday and I know that we are grazing on Paleo, or not so Paleo snacks… Don’t kid yourself if you “only have a small bite,” or “it was just one…” YOU ARE A CHEATER!!! 568 more words

Persevering Thru Paleo

Self-Published Writers: Should We Be Afraid?

The end of this month is the end of a very long journey for my sister. After years and years and years (one more for good measure), her debut novel, “The Quest for the Holy Something or Other” is being released this Friday. 456 more words

A Bunch of People at DreamWorks Animation Are About to Lose Their Job & That Sucks

The first box office story I wrote for this site was a reaction to the insane opening weekend for Iron Man 3. In just 3 days the film had managed to eclipse the total domestic gross of both… 1,209 more words

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