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Writer's Block

“Well…balls. Really big, hairy balls.”

I say this as I stare at a blank portion of screen in Microsoft Word. The sentences of past writing sessions stream before and after this space, for pages and pages, but I cannot marvel at their existence now. 402 more words

Pushpins (Daily Life)

Why Do We Meditate?

Here’s the text from the drawing, revised (sliced down) into something that makes sense on its own:

These are the things I have not managed to get out or get through otherwise. 457 more words


Running a Writing Life ~ The Writ-Simple Series #2

The worst part of running is getting out the door. Likewise, the worst part of writing is getting in front of the page.

There are myriad ways to trick oneself into the deed (I like the tea-and-cookies method). 333 more words


An Unmade Bed: Living the Messy Process

About a month ago, my friend Kim wrote an excellent blog post about writing in the morning. I read it at the beginning of January, on a train ride from New York to New Haven. 323 more words

Pushpins (Daily Life)

Jumping In

I’m a wait-and-see kind of gal. I always have been. I sit downstream and wait to see what floats my way, see if I can snag it in my net. 292 more words

The more I dig in.

I’m tired of the snow and ice but glad it’s February, if only because it means we are a whole month closer to spring.

An addendum to my last post: the other day I heard my teacher say during my practice that if you can’t see the right drishti in an asana it means you’re not correctly aligned. 354 more words



This is a “meme” I found on the web. Adding my answers to a list of suggestions seemed like a painless way to re-enter the blog after a long hiatus. 315 more words

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