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Amazon River Dolphin

It is sad some species are dying and disappearing irremediably. It would be great if people will care a bit more of these creatures and not for fashion or consume habits but I know it is not easy to change this kind of mentalities. 104 more words


Flashback to Atlantis 2014

As we finish up filling our suitcases for not only our big move across the pond but for a quick jaunt to the Bahamas (perfect timing, right?!), I am reminiscing about all of our favorite moments of our Atlantis trip last year. 317 more words


Around the World

This epic journey began with a simple idea: let’s have a dinner party. A sophisticated dinner party. A sophisticated, grown-up dinner party. A sophisticated, grown-up, six-course dinner party. 1,066 more words

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The Cove

The Oceanic Preservation Society‘s (OSP) documentary/crime filmThe Cove, directed by Louis Psihoyos presents its audience with the gruesome details of the capture and slaughter of dolphins by local fisherman in Taiji, Japan. 473 more words

Jackie's Delightful Disney Day

I wrote a post last year about the Disney-themed birthday party I threw for my sister Jackie (which can be found here: Disney Birthday Extravaganza… 649 more words

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Welcome to Australia Zoo

When we travel many of us want to experience the highlights of the city/country we are in and usually these lists will contain zoos, theme parks or aquariums. 155 more words


Film Review: 'Racing Extinction'

Whereas marine activist Louie Psihoyos’ “The Cove” took an environmental crisis — specifically, the slaughter and sale of dolphins off the coast of Japan — and turned it into a white-knuckle suspense thriller, his even higher-stakes follow-up, “Racing Extinction,” feels disappointingly conventional by comparison, like something junior-high kids might watch on a slow day in science class. 865 more words