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FNC 2014: Wrap it up with a flourish at martial-arts classic Dragon Inn

The 2014 edition of the Festival du nouveau cinema wraps up tonight, Sunday, Oct. 19. Consider ending it with whooshes and sword clanging at the screening of a remastered copy of King Hu’s Dragon Inn. 626 more words

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FNC 2014: Viggo Mortensen in Jauja, an enigmatic Western from Argentina

I liked Jauja. It was interesting while I was watching it, and it remains interesting now. Lots to think about. See it if you don’t need lots of explosions, and you like Viggo Mortensen. 1,037 more words

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FNC 2014 Review: In Her Place – three women trapped by circumstances and expectations of society

Canadian director Albert Shin made In Her Place in South Korea. It’s a quiet (most of the time) yet engrossing story about three women trapped by their circumstances, economic and otherwise, and society’s expectations. 762 more words

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FNC 2014 Review: Something feral this way comes in German thriller Der Samurai

Pit Bukowski plays Der Samurai. (Photo credit: Der Samurai Facebook page.) 

Der Samurai cuts an enigmatic figure. (Photo credit: Der Samurai Facebook page)

It was pouring rain when I left my apartment to see Der Samurai, so I did crankily wonder if it would be worth the effort. 945 more words

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FNC 2014 Review: There's none of that Japanese cuteness in the dark and violent World of Kanako

Nana Komatsu plays Kanako Fujishima in Tetsuya Nakashima’s film The World of Kanako. (Photo credit: Festival du nouveau cinema)

Holy good grief! What’s that British expression? 737 more words

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The Price We Pay: FNC and Cinema Politica show documentary about tax avoidance by big business

“The social contract is broken,” says one person in the trailer for Le Prix à Payez (The Price We Pay).

“We’re not accusing you of being illegal, we’re accusing you of being immoral,” 282 more words

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FNC 2014 Review: El Ardor – a Spanish-language jungle-Western with Gael García Bernal and a jaguar

El Ardor is set on the edge of the Amazon rain forest, near the border of Brazil and Argentina. It’s an elemental tale that unfolds like a myth. 333 more words

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