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Sum misstake surely!

What is best “Darught or Bottle Beer” I never know.

Who cares, that’s what I say, what’s more important is the fact the UK school leavers are the worst educated in Europe and no one seems to care! 354 more words

The Cat

Asian food is often inscrutable!

Hmm! Factory soot yummy! Two portions please, if it is the same!

About the Author

The Cat is one of the most successful feline authors in the history of Catkind. 329 more words

The Cat


The bastards are they the passengers, the owners of the bus or any drivers? No idea really! But isn’t it great to speculate?

About the Author… 344 more words

The Cat

They should ban painful food!

Ouch! Is the bowl melting? It looks like it, or is the designer of the packaging just crap? Hang on though has the packaging designer eaten a bowl of the dreadful back stuff and gone off for one? 387 more words

The Cat


the sky thick with crows and then
trees ripe with them—not a day
for beginnings or endings or
brushing up against your heart’s
fleshy O-ring and plans for flight… 129 more words


Fancy a Chinese?

Following the sale by traders of 40 year old meat here is the next food scandal in China.

What do I usually say about now? Oh yes, “Only in China,” well I hope so don’t you! 386 more words

The Cat