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Unfortunate pronunciation

What’s funny about the picture? Well unfortunately ‘Ç’ is pronounced as an ‘S’ in Turkish. All of which proves that Germans like to tuck into something not very nice from Turkey. 364 more words

The Cat

Sprots Car har ha!

Mechanics in Dubai don’t have to be able to spell as the owner of this Porsche discovered when he took it in to the garage for repairs to the rear and got a totally different car back, tee hee. 391 more words

The Cat

SingsCafe.vn - Nhà hàng Ký hiệu No-02

SingsCafe.vn – Nhà hàng ký hiệu No-02

Nội dung currently cập nhật …


Curious Japan

Japan is a curious place with curious people and they seem to start being curious very young!

About the Author

The Cat is one of the most successful feline authors in the history of Catkind. 329 more words

The Cat

Weekly writing check-in: the one with the Memorial Day Challenge

I started this blog post with the cat on my lap. Then she moved to my desk. I made the mistake of standing up and she stole my chair. 158 more words


Rubbish Specs Dubai

Dubai is like an awful lot of places in the world that are unfortunate enough to have markets where you can buy any amount of dreadful crap, including Sham specs. 417 more words

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When something is not really good it’s…Nice!

And that’s all you can say about this subject.

Not the best post but um… ‘nice’ all the same. 347 more words

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