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The Breaking Point: Mr. Married/ Involved

Mr. Married/ Involved is a man who is in a committed relationship or marriage that is still on the prowl constantly looking for the next sistah to keep on the side or a sistah he can get sex from. 875 more words

Men And Relationships

Is a "Good Man" good enough?

I’ve had my fair share of tumultuous experiences with men I’ve dated in the past. It’s even compelled me to write a book about it and share these experiences with my fellow sistahs. 849 more words

Men And Relationships

The Breaking Point...

After the diagnoses, my Neurosurgeon, the resident Neurosurgeon and my general practitioner, all wanted me to stop working, but not me. A little thing like a Brain Tumor was not going to turn my life upside down. 593 more words


Short Stories Challenge - The Archduchess by Daphne du Maurier from the collection The Breaking Point

What’s The Archduchess all about?:

The Archduchess is the story of a fictional kingdom called Ronda that appears to have everything one could ever want, including the secret of eternal youth but is brought to revolution and broken apart by two men’s envy and greed. 1,238 more words

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The Breaking Point: Introduction and Dedication

Introduction and Dedication

This Book is By a Sistah, For My Sistahs, Therefore, You will Be Called My “Sistahs”.

I’m sure many of my sistahs out there hope that one day a man will come and sweep them off their feet. 1,001 more words

Men And Relationships

Nothing Like A Good Man


I was speaking with someone recently about my previous issues of finding a man. I explained to her that I’ve always found myself repeating through the same cycle of men. 1,194 more words

Men And Relationships

The Breaking Point: Mr. Lack of Ambition

“It’s lack of faith that makes people afraid of meeting challenges, and I believed in myself.” -Muhammed Ali

                     I consider myself a woman who is highly ambitious. 1,301 more words

Men And Relationships