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Neurosis Announce Summer 2015 Tour With Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth Etc.

Neurosis have announced a summer North American tour. The band will also be joined by Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth, The Body (select dates) and Sumac (select dates). 106 more words


The Fallacy of thinking, "psychology is biology"

The idea that “psychology is biology”…. That has to be dissected to the root word level. Any language or communication, to be effective must have symbols in sounds or characters, with clear definitions, that can be commonly accessed and understood between people, for subjective growth or to even acquire an understanding that pushes a being beyond the static, isolated, self,  that ordinary states of consciousness strive to maintain. 503 more words

All Of The Senses Just Not The Ordinary Ones Or The Ones They Tell Us We Have

Victorian Bodies and Body Parts

The Summer 2015 issue of Victorian Network, entitled “Victorian Bodies and Body Parts” and guest edited by Professor Pamela K. Gilbert (University of Florida), is now available… 446 more words



Wife: You smell better than your farts do.

The Body


Wife: This started out with me being a lesbian.
Me: Then you became a genetically modified human… for cake.

The Body


I love to
imagine you
drape my body
across your bed
hang it
in your wardrobe when
you have finished
with it

almost exhausting its quaint possibilities
though not quite


New bionic contact lenses could make glasses obsolete - ScienceAlert

Your eyesight may be about to get a huge boost if a new bionic lens makes it to market. Invented by an optometrist in Canada, the Ocumetics Bionic Lens promises to enhance eyesight to a level that’s three times better than 20/20 – the universal standard for normal vision. 118 more words