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Q2 products are go!

So I just got back from the US and they have an abundance of products that you can purchase at the 24 hour pharmacy ❤️😍 232 more words



Skin care is a priority for me. I could be wearing H&M clothes but using an £80 body oil and that suits me just fine :-) 160 more words


Hot Water & Honey

There are many benefits to honey water (see: lifehack.org). I drink it everyday. Twitter doesn’t have enough characters when there is more to say on a topic and so the journey begins into hotwaterandhoney….

Stay Hydrated



if our church looks perfect it's likely been photo-shopped

I’ve been playing with the idea fitting two images side-by-side in order to get the entire span of Wake Forest Presbyterian Church in one frame. Obviously there are some lighting issues, but as you can see I’m close. 495 more words

Live Like You Mean It


Wife: That’s my nose, not a stretch mark.

The Body

My Friend Sketched My Face

So today my lovely and talented artist friend RubyEtc sent me a photo of some quick sketches she had done of my face. This unexpected, wonderful surprise had me thinking ‘hey, this feature of mine isn’t all that bad! 306 more words


The Separation of Church and Sex

Masturbation is liberation. In light of the fact that God appears to be hidden and silent, what could be the (non-question begging) foundations for proscribing sexual behavior? 473 more words