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30 Day Book Challenge, Day 14: Your favourite book by your favourite writer.

As previously stated, my favourite writer is Angela Carter, and I think I also made it pretty clear just how much I love The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories.  182 more words

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A2 - Gothic Section B Essay Plan: Fascination with Death

This is the essay planning document which goes with the quotations and AO2 for the AQA LTB3 Gothic question: ‘To what extent do you agree that gothic literature is characterised by a fascination with death?’

Fascination with Death Essay Plan

A2 - Gothic: Fascination with Death

These are some quotations which we chose with some examples of AO2 that could be used for the question from AQA LTB3 Gothic: ‘To what extent do you agree with the view that gothic literature is characterised by a fascination with death?’ The AO2 is colour coded to match the quotations.

 “In The Bloody Chamber, childhood fairytales become the stuff of adult nightmares” With close reference to at least two stories from the collection, say how far you agree with this comment. [40 marks]

Angela Carter certainly exploits the traditional fairytale convention, basing her collection of short stories on familiar tales and characters. However, she subverts and manipulates the outcomes of these stories in an effort to impart her feminist ideals and illustrate the problems with the fairytale format. 823 more words


Essay: Violent Instincts in 'The Bloody Chamber'

So this is my first Essay blog post. I’ve just finished writing an essay on the violent instincts in Angela Carter’s ‘The Bloody Chamber’. My essays are as good as I can get them, and I hope they will improve before my exams, but these are just my own work. 863 more words


A2 - Gothic Section B Essay Plan: Nightmarish Terrors

This is some planning for an AQA Gothic Section B question: Consider the view that gothic writing explores the ‘nightmarish terrors’ that lie beneath the orderly surface of the ‘civilised mind’. 16 more words