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Fairy Tale Poetry Prompt

Poets and writers have used classic fairytales as fodder for their own work for as long as there have been classic fairy tales. Even the Frenchman… 1,358 more words

Sarah Sousa Poetry

Johann Christian Rohl in the wolf's den: part 1

It’s no surprise that illustration students are drawn to The Bloody Chamber, Angela Carter’s masterful re-working of familiar fairytales worn threadbare with use, into darkly jewelled narratives dripping with sensuality. 670 more words

Looking At Art

Fifty Shades of bullshitting around a real and sensitive issue.

So I went to see FSOG last night. Not because I was ‘curious’ or ‘wanted to see what all the fuss is about,’ but because I wanted to legitimize my criticism (some of which is… 1,164 more words


“These beguiling stories, by one of the 20th-century’s masters of short fiction, may seem like mere fairy tales, but they are darker, bloodier, and more complex and psychologically intense than almost anything one might encounter in that genre.

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AQA LITB3 Practice essay - Gothic and the past

I haven’t posted in a little while, mainly because I was doing slightly more intense revise in preparation for mock week at college, but I’m back doing notes and practice essays now, so I thought I’d post this one! 1,151 more words

English Literature

ANGELA CARTER THE "the high sorceress, and benevolent witch queen of English literature."

INSPIRATION: ANGELA CARTER. My fairy godmother of of English literature.“OK, I write overblown, purple, self-indulgent prose. So fucking what?”

Angela Carter. My favorite author and storyteller – she always delights me with her fierce, witty, gothic, jaunty tales – in her short stories, and novels are dripping with sex, danger and intelligence.

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Puddles of Stuff #2: Books to reread in 2015 & the Versatile Blogger Award :)

I’ve been more absent from the blogging world than I’d planned to this week – my uni deadlines were crazy and something about this cold weather has made my brain work a little slower, but I’ve spent the whole day catching up on admin and preparing lots of posts so hopefully this won’t happen again for a little while. 563 more words