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Gothic Quotations

These are some quotations from Wuthering Heights, The Bloody Chamber and Dr Faustus which you could use when writing about the gothic features: wild landscapes and ambiguity and uncertainty.

Bloody Chamber - Quotations and Analysis

This is a mindmap of some quotations from The Bloody Chamber with analysis.

The focus here is on AO2 and the Gothic in preparation for AQA LTB3 Elements of Genre (Gothic).

Consider the view that gothic writing explores the “nightmarish terrors” that lie beneath the surface of the civilised mind [40 marks]

Angela Carter certainly explores “nightmarish terrors” in the form of both monsters and abominable human behaviour in her collection of short stories, titled ‘The Bloody Chamber’. 1,188 more words


Book Baubles: Carter Edition

Fairy tales are best to read on days when the sun is bright outside, and there are kids playing on the green grass. The fairy tales from… 270 more words

Book Baubles

“It is ironic that the beasts are often more humane than the humans”. Consider at least two of the stories from the collection in light of this comment [40 marks]

Angela Carter exploits the familiar narrative form of the fairytale in her collection of short stories, subverting and manipulating familiar characters and constructs in order to impart her feminist ideals. 1,009 more words


30 Day Book Challenge, Day 14: Your favourite book by your favourite writer.

As previously stated, my favourite writer is Angela Carter, and I think I also made it pretty clear just how much I love The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories.  182 more words

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